Donald Trump has now dragged Nickelback into his impeachment mess

Only Canadians are allowed to drag Nickelback.
October 3, 2019 11:31 a.m. EST
October 7, 2019 10:36 a.m. EST
Donald Trump is continuing to stir up controversy with his presidency, and it isn't stopping in his own country. He’s now taking Canadian icons Nickelback along with him, dragging the rock band into the conversation around his potential impeachment. After crossing to many lines, it now seems he’s just annoying people for fun.In a video that has since been removed from Trump’s Twitter page due to copyright infringement, the President of the United States shared a meme of former Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son in the Ukraine on a business trip. Set to the music of Nickelback’s 2005 single “Photograph,” the video featured footage of Biden denying his involvement in corruption while also playing golf with his son and an unidentified man that the video labels as a “Ukraine Gas Exec.”Nickelback has yet to respond directly to the video, possibly because they’re on tour in Brazil, or possibly because they don’t want to come anywhere near Donald Trump. Fair enough. It’s also likely that the video’s removal was at the request of the band, which is the greatest response. They don’t care about him enough to savagely tweet the president, just enough to mess up his precious Twitter thread. Well played, Nickelback. We never doubted you for a second.Nickelback have received their share of hate in the past. In 2013, Rolling Stone named Nickelback the second worst band of the 1990s behind Creed. In 2010, the Alberta-born, BC-based band was pitted against a pickle on Facebook to see who could get the most likes. Somehow we don’t think being aligned with Trump’s MAGA followers is what Nickelback had in mind as a way to expand their fanbase.The famous Canadian band has no shortage of accolades, including 50 million albums sold worldwide, six Grammy Award nominations and 12 JUNO Awards over their career. Still, they are the band that people, Canadians included, love to listen to and tease. A lot. It appears that Trump’s move to include Nickelback in his sordid dealings has still resulted in new fans for the band, but not just Trump supporters. Nickelback has finally earned their cool card in the eyes of many for their gangster move of calling BS on Trump’s use of their song and getting it removed as quickly as possible. TBH we’re keeping this on repeat all day today.

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