‘Send a Virtual Solo’ is spreading musical hugs to people who need them most

Send a solo, share the love. Brought to you by Desjardins.
May 22, 2020 9:30 a.m. EST
May 26, 2020 4:27 p.m. EST
If there’s one thing that brings people together unlike anything else, it’s music. From living room concerts to artist livestreams to impromptu balcony parties, people around the world have been staying connected while apart through the power of song. Now, there’s a way to make that experience even more special by sending a personalized performance directly to someone amazing in your life.Starting May 22, Desjardins' new "Send a Virtual Solo" initiative connects independent musicians with people who could use a little magical, musical pick-me-up. Thoughtful folks can nominate their friends, family or acquaintances to receive an extra-special virtual performance. If someone you know could use a boost in their day, you can show them just how much they mean to you by nominating them to receive a Virtual Solo.[video_embed id='1964039']The ‘Send a Virtual Solo’ initiative is here to bring joy to those who need it most[/video_embed]This unifying concept doesn’t just help out the individuals, families and communities on the receiving end of a musical number; it also supports independent Canadian artists. Through "Send a Virtual Solo," Desjardins is able to support these artists and help them share their music with Canadians. Musicians will perform and record their virtual solos from within their own homes or communities, then the performance will be sent directly to the recipient. The solos will also be shared on the "Send a Virtual Solo" Facebook  and YouTube pages, where anyone and everyone who needs a bit of joy can enjoy them.[video_embed id='1964922'] New campaign aims to bring joy to people in need of a lift [/video_embed]We're talking all genres of music, too: From intimate guitar performances by singer-songwriters like Carmen Yanuziello to sweeping operatic serenades from singers like Andrea Ludwig and private symphony performances from a cellist like Darya Zonoozi, Desjardins has brought together a broad spectrum of creative talent. So, whether your nominee is a lover of indie rock or classical music, there's a perfect soloist out there, ready to give them the emotional boost they deserve.

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