Billie Eilish and bro Finneas drive into the ocean in 'Everything I Wanted' video

A quite literal ride or die.
January 24, 2020 10:46 a.m. EST
January 27, 2020 11:00 p.m. EST
Billie Eilish is kicking off her Grammys week in a big way. Already nominated for six awards and set to perform on Sunday night, Eilish is reminding fans why she’s one of the most exciting artists today by releasing her new hauntingly beautiful single and music video for "Everything I Wanted" which she directs., The personal effort co-stars her brother and co-writer Finneas O'Connell and it opens with an on-screen dedication to her sibling: “Finneas is my brother and my best friend. No matter the circumstance, we always have and always will be there for each other.”The pair spend the video in the front seat of Eilish’s car as they drive through downtown Los Angeles before making their way to the desert and eventually ending up at the beach, while Eilish’s dreamy and melancholy “Everything I Wanted” plays in the background. Speeding on the sand, Eilish drives the car into the water and the siblings slowly plummet to the bottom of the ocean.
“Everything I Wanted” marks Eilish’s second directorial effort, with the singer also stepping behind, and in front of, the camera in 2019 for her video “Xanny.” In Gayle King’s new Road to the Grammys special, the 18-year-old told King that if she wasn’t a musician, she would have pursued directing, citing The Babadook and We Need To Talk About Kevin as two films that continue to inspire her. Eilish also opened up to King about her difficult 2018, which saw the then-16-year-old experience overnight success and worldwide fame. The newfound stardom brought with it an intense amount of pressure that lead to clinical depression.Eilish says she felt "joyless," adding "I don't want to be dark, but I genuinely didn't think I would make it to 17.” The singer reveals that in her darkest moment, she contemplated taking her own life. "I think about this one time I was in Berlin and I was alone in my hotel. And I remember there was a window right there. I remember crying because I was thinking about how the way that I was going to die was, I was going to do it."Eilish credits her mother Maggie Baird for helping her see her way out of the darkness. Baird pulled back on Eilish’s professional commitments and continually checked in with her daughter to make sure music was still something she wanted to pursue, while also enlisting the help of mental health professionals.[video_embed id='1882898']We're throwing it back to early interviews with Demi, Ariana and more Grammy nominees[/video_embed]The "Bad Guy" singer says she now looks out for fans who show signs of depression, including self-harm scars, something Eilish used to inflict on herself. “I just grab them by the shoulders and I'm like, 'Please take care of yourself and be good to yourself and be nice to yourself. Don't take that extra step and hurt yourself further.”Billie Eilish is set to perform at the Grammys on January 26, where she earned several nominations, along with Lizzo, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, the Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, H.E.R., Rosalia, Tyler The Creator and returning host Alicia Keys.[video_embed id='1858207']Here’s why Alicia Keys missed her first Grammy win[/video_embed]

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