Everything you can expect on Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour

Get in Bey Hive, we’re going bonkers
May 11, 2023 10:57 a.m. EST

Last night, Beyonce kicked off her Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm, and the Bey Hive is going bonkers over her set list, costumes, and ornate stage. 


But fam, when we say “set list” we mean banger tunes she hasn’t performed in over a decade. When we say “costumes,” we mean runway haute couture. And when we say “stage,” we mean Queen Bey ate it up and left no crumbs.



She opened her show with “Dangerously in Love,” the title track from her debut solo album released 20 years ago. Rolling Stone reports that this marks her first live performance of the song in over a decade.


According to the outlet, her set list then included “Flaws and All,” and “I Care.”  She then did a medley of “1+1,” Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down.”


Then came the tracks off of “Renaissance,” including, “I’m That Girl” and “Cozy” followed by a mashup of “Alien Superstar” and “Sweet Dreams,” from 2009’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”


When she performed “Cozy” the set design included ROBOTIC ARMS.



And that motif of the futuristic fused with contemporary fashion would continue throughout her show. There were futuristic interludes between songs that included Star-Trek-worthy CGI images with Bey’s voice played over the awe-inspiring visuals.



Normally, interludes are used to distract the audience while the performers run backstage to change their costumes. In Queen Bey’s case, she brought out the robotic arms to use UV light to transform her dress from white to colour. READ THAT AGAIN.



Her jaw-dropping costumes truly were couture, because CNN reports that she wore on-stage a silvery Courrèges bodysuit with an iridescent circular cutout at its center; an Alexander McQueen dress that sparkled and flared; and a Balmain dress embroidered with pearls.



 Of course, all eyes were on her when she sported a Loewe bodysuit that had black hands reaching across the gold fabric, and she paired it with black gloves and her own red nails poking through the tips.



Cannot stop looking at her in this gorgeous number.



Fans were LIVING for it.



Fans noticed that even the cameraman filming the show was FEELING IT.



During “Formation,” musician and ballroom legend Kevin Prodigy’s voice could be heard, with his words projected on-screen, pointing out that there are no music videos as of yet for “Renaissance” songs, but still invites the audience to EAT IT ALL UP. 


“You’ve asked for the visuals. You’ve called for the queen,” he bellows. “But the queen moves at her own pace, b***h. The queen decides when she wants to give you a f***ing taste — so get your fork and your spoon.”



Speaking of ballroom, her performers literally vogued and sashayed across the stage for a ball interlude that had the audience on their feet. Some fans were uplifted to see Queen Bey including queer culture and celebrating it for her international tour, amid drag bans and trans exclusion across the United States.



“Do you know how affirming this is coming from the greatest artist of all time,” one user tweeted. “Beyoncé was quintessential to my childhood as a queer child and to see her celebrate queerness LOUDLY is just amazing.”


The three hour spectacle included her renditions of “Lift Off” (featuring Jay Z and Kanye), “7/11,” “Cuff It,” “Energy,” “Break My Soul,” “Formation” and“Diva.” She did her own version of Lil Uzi Vert’s “I Just Wanna Rock” and of course made sure to include her banger feminist anthem, “Run the World (Girls).”


Don’t worry Hive, you have from now until September to catch the Queen on stage across Europe and North America.


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