’Harry’s House’ and unreleased 2012 One Direction songs apparently just leaked and fans have Taylor Swift theories

What was that about the number 13, Harold?
April 22, 2022 10:58 a.m. EST
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Harry Styles fans were upset this week after songs from his upcoming album supposedly leaked. The alleged Harry tracks were circulated on Twitter and TikTok this week.

On social media, fans urged others not to listen and to wait for Harry’s House when it drops on May 20.

Previously recorded songs from One Direction’s 2012 album, Take Me Home also reportedly leaked. You may recall, that’s also around the time Harry and Taylor Swift dated.

Now, some fans believe the old songs are actually about her. 

“I don’t want to hear about him in these songs you continue to write,” Styles sings in one.

“It never snows in Hollywood but when we sang it showed us that it could,” he croons in another, adding, "I carried you across the way and you showed me that 13 can be good." 

And the most telling: one of the alleged new Harry's House tracks references "Wildest Dreams" and red lipstick -- CLASSIC Taylor. 

Swift and Styles (a.k.a. Haylor) dated in Fall 2012 and called it quits by January 2013. At the time, Swift reportedly fled a vacay with Styles early after they broke up.

At least three songs from Swift’s 1989 album ("Style," "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Out Of The Woods") are said to be about the relationship. “Two Ghosts” from Styles’ debut solo album is also believed to be about Taylor.

“Everybody writes songs based on personal experience,” Harry told Us Weekly in 2013. “At least she’s a great songwriter!”

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