10 under-the-radar Canadian female artists to stream based on your favourite mainstream artist

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March 8, 2022 10:51 a.m. EST
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To celebrate International Women's Day, we're putting you on some of our favourite under-the-radar Canadian female artists. Want to listen to more Can-Con but don't know where to start? We've got you. Here's who you should be listening to based on your favourite mainstream femaile artists.

If you like Adele, you should listen to Charlotte Day Wilson

While Charlotte Day Wilson doesn't hit the powerful notes that Adele is known for, they share a similar trait of making their listeners feel what they're feeling during their songs. The Toronto native's latest album, ALPHA, has soulful vocals that will have you wanting to belt along on a rainy day, something we're used to doing with Adele.

If you like Doja Cat, you should listen to Shay Lia

Doja Cat is all over our timelines, and her songs are stuck in our heads. Shay Lia will have the same effect. The French-Djiboutian singer based in Montreal writes R&B songs with a sensual, groovy, upbeat rhythms to get you dancing along. While Doja Cat is more on the pop side of music, Lia certainly draws on the same vibes in her songs. Working with artists like KATRYANDA, her unique style comes through and shines.

If you like Olivia Rodrigo, you should listen to Ellis

We all went through an emotional rollercoaster with Olivia Rodrigo's debut album, SOUR. The beautiful writing and heart-wrenching vocals of Linnea Siggelkow, who records as Ellis, is reminiscent of that same vibe. The Hamilton singer and songwriter will have you cradling a tissue box in the best way possible.

If you like Caroline Polachek, you should listen to Luna Li

Caroline Polachek's famous song, "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings," and corresponding viral TikTok dance have been engraved into our minds. The style and sound make it easy to have the song on repeat all day. Luna Li, the Toronto native, can play multiple instruments and is classically trained in violin and piano. Drawing a similar unique sound to Polachek's, Li's music will have you in a trance.

If you like Taylor Swift, you should listen to Jadea Kelly

Taylor Swift is known for the incredible songwriting and storytelling of her songs. Jadea Kelly from Whitby, Ontario, gives us Swifty vibes reminiscent of her early days. With folk tunes that will squeeze your heart, Kelly is bound to become an artist that will have you falling in love with her songs.

If you like Billie Eilish, you should listen to Ada Lea

With a hint of darkness we're used to hearing in Billie Eilish's music, Alexandra Levy, who goes by Ada Lea, creates her version with a lightness that embraces you as the song plays. From the slow tempo and quiet voice, similarities between Lea and Eilish are noticeable. Both artists showcase their rock influences while putting their own spin on the classic style and creating their own version, creating a unique and new sound.

If you like Kasey Musgraves, you should listen to Cayley Thomas

Kasey Musgraves gives us the "southern belle" aesthetic with a flare of pop in her outfits and her music. Cayley Thomas, from Edmonton, has an alternative folk sound that shares similarities to that of Musgraves. Thomas' EP, How Else Can I Tell You, will have you dreaming about laying in a field of flowers at sunset. 

If you like Snoh Aalegra, you should listen to Charlotte Cardin

The soulful instrumentals of Snoh Aalegra combined with her soft voice create an old-school sound you don't hear much of anymore. Charlotte Cardin makes a similar music dynamic in her songs. The Montreal native's powerful instrumentals push her voice into an atmosphere that will have you nodding along to the sensual beats of her songs.

If you listen to Kali Uchis, you should listen to Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta dives into her roots and expresses her culture in her albums, all in Spanish. Kali Uchis, who recently explored more of her Spanish roots in her music, exhibits a uniquely modern take on Latin sounds. With modern sounds and their mesmerizing voices speaking their native tongue, they'll make any non-Spanish-speaker want to learn Spanish immediately just to soak in the meaning of every word.

If you like Lil Kim, you should listen to Haviah Mighty

Lil Kim, the unapologetic rapper, comes with all the confidence needed to execute the epic bars she's known for. Haviah Mighty come with the same attitude, leaving no question about what she's saying in her lyrics. The Toronto rapper will have you in a trance word-for-word with pure confidence.

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