Blackpink's Lisa just smashed a YouTube record in 90 minutes so why aren't you watching her video right now?

'Lalisa' is the late summer tune we needed.
Published September 10, 2021 12:50 p.m. EST
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Blinks and Lilies, rejoice! Lisa from Kpop supergroup Blackpink is the next member to go solo and her latest single “Lalisa” along with the accompanying music video is tearing up the charts. In fact, since the music video dropped early this morning, “Lalisa” has already set the record for the fastest debut music video in YouTube history. It garnered 10 million views in a mere 90 minutes!

But Lisa and Blackpink weren’t done smashing records. After “Lalisa” hit the ‘tube, it pushed Blackpink’s YouTube channel into the stratosphere, making them the most subscribed artist on the platform with 65.3 million subscribers. Justin Bieber, who previously held that record, has 65.1 million.

After watching the music video, it’s easy to see why it’s having such a massive effect on fans. Lisa, who is Thai, pays homage to her culture in several ways in the three-and-a-half minute musical romp. The song employs the use of Thai string instruments, and the visuals follow suit. Lisa wear’s a traditional Thai gold lame wrapped dressed and a Thai crown called a Makuta.

Even the name of the song is an ode to her heritage, as “Lalisa” is her Thai name. In a press conference before the music video dropped, she said she purposefully used her Thai name because she wanted to show her authentic self on the album, adding that she wanted to show a side that would make fans go, “this is something only Lisa can do.”

Speaking with Billboard, she added, “People don't really know that Lalisa is my real name, because they just know me as Lisa from Blackpink. So I'm really happy that I get to do this project with the title Lalisa.”

“Lalisa” really is the late-summer banger we need right now. It’s hip-hop infused with funky dance and bass lines, and the lyrics are all about self-love and being true to yourself. The bright, colourful, and vibrant video sees Lisa confidently swinging on a stripper pole, riding dirt bikes in a quarry, and dancing up a storm with a bevy of beauties by her side.

Naturally, she hasn’t forgotten the Blackpink aesthetic, and much of the colours and lights are offset by the gritty, flashy scenes and images she presents. In one moment she’s walking through a palace, in another, a squalid back alley. In either location, she sure knows how to rock a pair of killer heels.

Lisa told Billboard, “People might not understand what the lyrics are, but listening to the beat and seeing the dance, they can feel the vibe and have that connection."

“It's a good opportunity for me to finally let the world know, ‘This is who I am.’”

As for the legions of fans that have flocked to their YouTube, now happily calling themselves Blinks, Blackpink released a statement this morning, saying, “We can’t believe it. It’s a miracle-like moment created by Blinks. We want to share this honour with our fans around the world who always love and support us.”

“As this is a result that we accomplished together with our fans,” they continued, “we hope fans will also share this joy. We will become artists who continue to give positive energy through good music and videos.”

The Blinks and Lilies stan.

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