Lizzo clarifies that Drake lyric in Cardi B collab 'Rumors'

'Some of the rumours on there are true and some of the rumours are not true so who knows?'
August 13, 2021 10:05 a.m. EST
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One of the most anticipated songs of the summer is finally here, and we all have Lizzo and Cardi B to thank for it. After teasing a collaboration on social media earlier this week, the pair dropped “Rumours” on Friday, and fans are celebrating.

The track marks Lizzo’s first song since the 2019 release of Cuz I Love You. It’s also the pair’s first collaboration together, which is kind of hard to believe given how influential they’ve both been in their craft. Of course, no new single would be complete without an internet-breaking music video, which Lizzo and Cardi B also delivered. 

Parts of the three-minute, Tanu Muino-directed video reminds us of Disney’s 1997 animated take on Hercules, as it features Lizzo walking through pillars with animated scenes on the surrounding vases and artifacts. Through it all, she’s sporting a shimmery toga-style dress, gold bangles and jewels, and matching gold nails.

For her part, Cardi B is equally stunning in a two-piece white-and-gold toga outfit that shows off her pregnant tummy, which is also wrapped in elegant chains. She comes into the video around the midpoint, sitting on a deity-inspired throne with background dancers and golden penises with angel wings suspended in the air.

Throughout the video, both performers also dress up like columns, invoke classic paintings and poses, and basically prove that if they had been around during Mount Olympus they would have owned that mountain. Or at least twerked among the clouds, as real Hercules muses would.

And apparently they had a blast making it too! Lizzo told Etalk, “Cardis funny and, you know, we just be cracking each other up. It’s like two kids in school sitting next to each other in class and the teacher’s like, ‘OK, separate cause y’all can’t get no work done!’ It’s like that."

She continued, “It’s a great time when I’m with Cardi B. We had so much fun making the video and she, well you know, because of COVID we couldn’t physically be together to make the song but we were on FaceTime with each other. That was just as fun.”

Even more importantly, the song itself feels like Lizzo shooting back at all of the haters and rumour mongers out there, who have taken it upon themselves to comment on her choices, lifestyle, and everything in between over the years. “Spending all your time trying to break a woman down / Realer shit is going on, baby, take a look around,” Lizzo sings on the track.

Canadian fans of Lizzo and Cardi (and anyone really listening at all) might have noticed that line about our Canadian hip-hop hero Drake in their collab ("No, I ain't f*** Drake yet"). Lizzo told Etalk that she hasn’t, um, ~got romantic~ with Drake… YET.

She told Etalk's Chloe Wilde that she isn’t exactly trying to manifest that romantic encounter with the “Views” rapper but she's also not, not trying to because, like Justin Bobby from The Hills says, "Truth and time tells all."

“I don’t think that was the goal. I think the line was just me talking my sh*t. I think time will only tell what happens between me and him but some of the rumours on there are true and some of the rumours are not true so who knows,” she said.

WATCH: Lizzo talks working with Cardi on 'Rumours' and that NSFW Drake lyric
[video_embed id='2260023']WATCH: Lizzo talks working with Cardi on 'Rumours' and that NSFW Drake lyric[/video_embed]

One thing is for sure, and that’s that Lizzo is giving everyone something to talk about now. In the meantime, she continues to plot out her comeback. The 33-year-old has previously said that this new album marks “a new era” for her, and she seems ready to embrace it full throttle.

Next month she’ll become the first woman ever to headline the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on September 4. Then, on the 25 she’ll perform at Global Citizen Live before heading to the Firefly Music Festival the next day. In October, fans can catch her on the Outside Lands lineup.

Eagle-eyed fans are sure to track it all as we await more info on the official title of Lizzo’s fourth studio album and its release date, along with other potential collabs. And yes, Harry Styles, we’re looking at you.


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