Destiny’s Child social media update sparks fan frenzy

If you’re looking for an article full of DC3 puns and lyrics, we will cater 2 u.
August 19, 2021 1:10 p.m. EST
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I don’t think we can handle this, but DC3 fans, it’s time to assemble! We don’t want to cause unnecessary panic and pandemonium, but the official Facebook and Twitter account for Destiny’s Child were updated this week to include a new header showcasing the group’s name.

After years of crickets, a change of this magnitude is at the very least going to make us lose our breath. If you’re looking for an article full of DC3 puns and lyrics, we will cater 2 u. 

As with any teaser from Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, fans must suit up in their best ab-baring camo outfits and try to wade through the clues. Does this change have anything to do with Beyoncé dropping her rodeo-inspired line for Ivy Park on August 20? Could it be that a new ad campaign will feature her sisters from another mister? Maybe a new Destiny’s Child song? Beyoncé did tell Harper’s Bazaar in this month’s cover story that she is working on new music. The pop icon didn’t specify that it was solo music…so you’re saying there’s a chance. 

Then there’s the upcoming national holiday on September 4 for Beyoncé’s 40th birthday. Beyoncé is known for going all out on her birthdays and this one is likely going to be a biggie. The notoriously private star typically shares a few pics of her personal celebrations on her highly curated social media pages in the days and weeks following the event. Could it be that this year’s fete will include some kind of Destiny’s Child reunion? Maybe a gift for the fans who have been with the trio from the jump(ing jumping)? Or it this just a case of us putting ideas into the universe in hopes they will manifest themselves into reality? Plus, how many question marks is too many question marks for one article?

It’s been three years since Destiny’s Child shared the stage at Coachella and our high from the performance is finally starting to lessen, so at this point, we’ll take whatever we can get. 

By "whatever we can get," we mean we would like: an Instagram pic from Bey’s upcoming Bey-day party, an announcement of a documentary, a new album, a charity event for COVID/the people of Haiti/the women of Afghanistan, a possible reunion tour (omg can you even?), or even just some harmonizing in the back of a car. It’s been a tough year and Destiny’s Child make everything better.


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