Lizzo just revealed she's working on an album with Mark Ronson and we just know it's a bop already

Except she says it's not an album (but it totally is).
Published July 28, 2021 2:24 p.m. EST
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If her social media track record is anything to go by, then we know that Lizzo likes to tease her fans and followers (see: her recent TikTok video joking around about being pregnant with a little Captain America courtesy of her internet boyfriend Chris Evans). Still, is it really fair for her to toy with our hearts when it comes to a new Lizzo record?

That’s exactly what she did when a fan messaged her about potential new music, posting a video in which she denies getting down to work (while clearly hammering out new tracks with an A-list team).

“I HEAR AN ALBUM IS COMING,”  wrote one of the singer’s enthusiastic fans.

“A album? Absolutely not, I’m not making no f#ckin’ album!” says Lizzo in the video as the camera clearly shows a recording studio booth, a mixing board, and uber producer Mark Ronson. “I’m not in a studio. This isn’t Mark Ronson. This isn’t a whole board. I’m not hanging out with songwriters like Phil [Lawrence]. I’m not making a f#ckin’ album!” she jokingly insists, asking, “Where you get that from?”

Lizzo’s most recent album, the Grammy-winning Cuz I Love You dropped in 2019 (blessing us with tracks like "Juice" which Lizzo later performed live with Harry Styles and "Tempo" which featured a collaboration with Missy Elliot). Obviously, we’re expecting some killer collabs on this new record too (other than just Ronson, which already bodes well).

As if the first teasing TikTok didn’t go far enough, Lizzo followed up her video with a second (arguably even funnier) post after a fan suggested she spoof Blac Chyna’s notorious “embezzled” meltdown. Behold. It is, truly, a gift: 

As if online Lizzo and recorded Lizzo weren’t enough, concerts are apparently a thing again and Lizzo is scheduled to perform soon at multiple festivals including Bonnaroo.


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