The Spice Girls will tour again, says Emma Bunton, a.k.a. Baby Spice

Fingers crossed Victoria Beckham will join them.
June 9, 2021 11:38 a.m. EST
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Listen, if the cast of Friends can reunite, then why can't the Spice Girls, another precious gem of the '90s?

While Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C and Geri Horner did get together for a reunion tour around the U.K. in 2019, minus Victoria Beckham, fans have long been wondering if they might make it a regular thing, and perhaps with some new music.

Well, according to Emma Bunton, it's likely. Speaking on Radio X this week, Baby Spice said, “We started talking about maybe doing some more and then lockdown happened, which is such a shame. I’m dying to do it again. I’m waiting to see what’s going on in the world. You can’t book anything yet, so we’re waiting for that moment, but I’m sure that will happen when we can!”

With their debut single "Wannabe" turning 25 in July, Mel C also recently said it's a no-brainer.

“It’s high on the agenda for us girls," she said to the Pop Shop Podcast in January. "I mean, since we did the tour in 2019, I have just been like, ‘more shows, more shows!’ And, you know, obviously that isn’t something that’s gonna happen this year, sadly. So, again, a big old rethink. We are working on some ideas. I can’t give too much away…but we definitely wanna celebrate and really acknowledge 25 years. It’s insane. We’re so proud of our legacy. So we do want to celebrate it in the best way that we can.”

As for whether we can ever expect new Spice Girls music? Mel C said, “When we talk about new music, we feel very nervous. Because obviously we had such great success, and we have such a great back catalog. And we wouldn’t want to force anything. And we wouldn’t want to do anything that wasn’t good enough, you know? So we’ve always said if an opportunity came up and we felt… it was quite organic that it happens, then we would do it. But we kind of don’t wanna force it.”

In a separate interview that same month, with Apple Music 1, Mel C also said we might just see Beckham join the women this time around. Emphasis on "might."

“We found it hard last year and we did really miss her," she said. "We’re still really close. And it’s so important to us that she is happy with everything." Commenting on Beckham's involvement with the U.K. tour, she added, "She was very involved in the creative and everything that we were doing in the show. And I think she really found it difficult. That first night, when the pictures were beamed all over the world, it was hard for her. And we’re hoping it was hard enough to bring her back. It’s so hard, and I feel for her. And the thing is now, we have come to this point in our lives where we do, we really respect each other. And we never want anyone to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing. But yeah, we might have to get her hypnotized. I have to say, I feel like she’s coming around. So we’ll keep working on her."

Rumours have also been floating for some time that the band might also be interested in shooting a sequel to their beloved (if you know, you know) 1997 movie Spice World, but according to Mel B, there's nothing to it, having recently told Good Morning Britain that "that's the first I've heard" about it.  

What fans can get their hands on right now, however, is a limited-edition band t-shirt in honour of Pride month and to provide support to the Albert Kennedy Trust. Designed by none other than Beckham herself, it reads, "Proud and wannabe your lover" in rainbow text. The designer got all the women together to model it, too, in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

The caption reads, "Happy Pride Month from me and the @spicegirls! I’m so excited to share this year’s Pride T-shirt with you! 100% of the proceeds go to akt, to continue funding the amazing work they do to combat LGBQT+ youth homelessness in the UK. Pride to me is a celebration of being completely yourself and this year’s T-shirt is a reminder of that. The Spice Girls really championed accepting yourself and others, being kind, having fun and just living your best life! The LGBTQ+ community is so close to my heart and I’m so proud to be supporting Pride 2021 with the girls and akt again this year."

Does this sound like Beckham might be all in after all, or are we just wishful thinking?


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