Drake's son basically won the 2021 Billboard Music Awards: here's what you missed

BTS debuts 'Butter,' P!nk's daughter does acrobatics and the Jonas Brothers are back (again) – watch it all here.
May 24, 2021 8:52 a.m. EST
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The Billboard Music Awards (almost) felt like a return to normal with a packed crowd full of music fans, and all the big-name rockstars in attendance (no Zoom acceptance speeches!). Set entirely outdoors and with everyone who wasn’t singing in a mask, host Nick Jonas made us feel like the After Times are just around the corner. (Watch the full show here.)

Adonis wins Artist of the Decade

So did the big winners of the night, who packed the stage with their friends and family. Toronto’s homegrown superstar Drake took home the Artist of the Decade award, and not only did his besties line the stage for his acceptance speech, so did his mom and dad, and even his adorable son Adonis.

Prefacing his speech with a verrrrrry Toronto-centric video montage that included shots of Blue Jays Way, the CN Tower (of course), and lots of Toronto Raptors clips, Adonis came out holding his (champagne) Papi’s hand, looking petrified by the large crowds and gripping Drake’s leg for dear life.

“To my beautiful family, and to you, I’m dedicating this to you,” Drake said to his son, but Adonis was already running halfway offstage before Drake caught him, and picked him up for a kiss. Aw, my heart. Twitter was high-key obsessed with the adorable Adonis.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd

Another Toronto-mans also got his shine with The Weeknd taking home several awards, kicking off the night with the Top 100 Artist Award and then collecting another casual nine trophies.

As Abel took the stage in a black suit and overcoat for his acceptance speech, he gave a shout out to his family in Toronto, except many of us noticed he pronounced the last T in Toronto. If live in Toronto, spend any time in Toronto or have ever spoken about Toronto to someone who lives in/has been to Toronto, you know that just ain’t done. Twitter was uuuupset.

Twitter was uuuuuuupset.

The dawn is coming??

He also made sure to “thank God that I don’t have to wear that red suit anymore" and then hinted at the title of his next album, saying that the era of After Hours was over and “The dawn is coming.” NGL, we’re gonna miss the After Hours era, but can’t wait to see what he has planned.

Later in the evening, he gave an incredible performance of “Save Your Tears” in a parking lot with dozens of cars and even a few tractor trailers thrown into the mix. Uh, Abel? Please look both ways before dancing in front of ice road truckers.

P!nk and P!nk Jr.

It's been a hot second since we've seen Pink pull out the acrobatics but they were back Sunday night with an added bonus –she was joined by her nine-year-old daughter Willow Sage-Hart.

The mommy-daughter duo turned the intimate small stage into one of Pink's big arena performances by bringing out the aerial acrobatic routines for their melodic tune, “Cover Me In Sunshine.”

The performance was part of Pink's Icon Award honour. Introduced by her teen crush Jon Bon Jovi (Her too? We haven’t seen her at the meetings), we can't think of anything more iconic than literally starting an acrobatic performance dynasty.

Smooth like BTS

Two days after smashing the YouTube streaming record with their new song "Butter," BTS blessed us with its TV debut. Be still our beating hearts. 

Bad Bunny accepted all his awards in Spanish

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny won four awards last night, including Latin Male Artist, Latin Song and Latin Album, and we are 100 per cent here for his acceptance speech which he gave entirely in Spanish. With the dominance of English-language music, international audiences really appreciated him setting the stage for artists to accept their awards in their preferred languages. More of this, please! 

Behind the scenes (AKA "the other BTS")

There were lots of cameos throughout the night, like former FLOTUS Michelle Obama introducing Alicia Keys, presenters Kathryn Hahn, Gabrielle Union, and Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson, and social media found and shared some Behind The Scenes moments, like host Nick Jonas being an absolute smoke show.

Can we talk about Megan Fox and MGK for a sec?

Did you see these red-carpet photos of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox? Talk about PDA. Talk about his black tongue! Talk about her dress! (it’s a Mugler gown from the Spring 2021 collection, FYI). 

When MGK won for Rock Artist and Rock Album, Megan was beaming from ear to ear as her boyfriend of one year took to the stage.

We're obsessed with this. 

Watch the full 2021 Billboard Music Awards show HERE on CTV.ca or on the CTV App. 

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