Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ music video is a psychedelic trip

Mmmm, forbidden flying donut. *drools*
March 12, 2021 8:58 a.m. EST
YouTube/Maroon 5 YouTube/Maroon 5

The music video for Maroon 5’s new song “Beautiful Mistakes” feat. Megan Thee Stallion just dropped and *Stefon voice* this video has everything: flying cars, fluorescent trees, donuts that swirl in the sky, a bejewelled Hollywood sign, and subway sleeping bags. *Checks notes* oh wait, no subway sleeping bags, Stefon, but the rest of it is true.

Already trending on YouTube mere hours after its premiere, the video sees Maroon 5 frontman and Blake Shelton nemesis Adam Levine walk to a vintage Cadillac Convertible on a deserted Los Angeles street, and literally drive off into the sunset as the car lifts off the ground. (What is this? Grease?) Megan then appears in her own flying car and the two of them sing (yes, Megan sings on this one!) about missing their lost love but not missing their drama.

As Adam Levine drives (does that make him Adam Driver? Heyyy), we see lots of nuggets and easter eggs littered through the video. For example, his car’s licence plate says “I heart LA” on the front and “LAISTOXIC” on the back. When Megan joins in the fun, they drive over fluorescent videogame versions of LA landmarks like the aforementioned Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, LAX, and Randy’s Donuts. Then technicolour donuts rain down upon them in a dreamlike swirl.

And while Megan raps, she also sings. The woman is multitalented (nay, infinitely talented), no wonder Maroon 5 were keen to collab with her. The band has a love for woman rappers, as they’ve previously dropped tracks featuring other heavyweights, like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. With Megan’s career basically already in the stratosphere, that flying car is definitely just symbolism at this point.

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The rest of Maroon 5 is suspiciously absent from the video directed by Sophie Muller, but at least Adam and Meghan had fun on the shoot.

“She is a superstar, but really in the truest sense, man, she's all class, and just we had the best time shooting the video, and it was just a lot of fun, man," he recently told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. "I was cracking jokes the whole time, making her laugh."

Megan Thee Stallion is nominated for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Record of the Year at the 63rd Grammy Awards which will air this Sunday the 14th. She’s also performing, and *fingers crossed* we hope there are psychedelic, technicolour donuts involved.

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