Chloe x Halle release stunning ‘Ungodly Hour’ music video with costuming from Beyoncé’s stylist

We've only been waiting nine months for this!
February 25, 2021 9:07 a.m. EST
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Since debuting “Ungodly Hour” during their VMA performance last summer, we have been waiting for Chloe X Halle to drop the music video. Would it resemble anything like their metallic robot Sho Konishi costumes from that performance? 

Last night, the Bailey sisters finally put an end to our collective suffering and dropped the video (and a “Chrome” edition of their album!) during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (weeknights at 11:30pET on CTV), and it is a futuristic romp through the robotics of love and desire. Yes, we feel like we have waited our entire lives for this moment, and yes, it was worth it.

Beyoncé’s protégés glam up the android-futurism in this video that sees them bopping on a laboratory floor, emerge out a black pool not unlike The Shape of Water, and dance in what looks like dresses made of pure electricity and light. 

Give their stylist all the awards because we were not prepared for the fire outfits. And what is that jaw-dropping crystal headpiece that Chloe is wearing? We need this for our next dinner party (no joke).

Turns out, these dazzling looks are the work of the very same stylist who dolled up the girls for that VMAs performance -- Zerina Akers, who, coincidentally, is the mastermind behind some of Beyoncé's most iconic looks of late. Akers has worked with Chloe x Halle on multiple occasions as well as other entertainment heavyweights like Ava DuVernay and Yara Shahidi. She's also the founder of Black Owned Everything -- a curation of products, from fashion to beauty to decor, all by Black creators. 

We said at the top of 2021 not to sleep on Chloe x Halle because they are up to big things and are raising the bar when it comes to musical and visual artistry (plus those sister R&B harmonies give us life!). It seems music fans concur. Look, just take our wallet at this point!

It’s easy to see from this video why this wildly talented duo is nominated for a few Grammys this year (ceremony is March 14th), and were listed in Pitchfork’s “Best 50 Albums of 2020.” The sisters give us a little heart attack with every performance and music video. We didn’t think it was possible to top that VMA performance, but here we are. 

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