Watch Miley Cyrus’ incredible Tiny Desk cover of Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’

Miley's Tiny Desk Concert was more of a Tiny '90s Time Capsule Concert.
January 29, 2021 9:05 a.m. EST

NGL, Miley Cyrus is emerging as the queen of covers. In the last few months, she has performed jaw-dropping re-dos of our favourite classics, like Hall & Oates’ “Maneater,” Hole’s “Doll Parts,” Blondie’s “Heart of Glass,” even modern classic “my future” by Billie Eilish. In the past she has been known to rock a cover of her godmother Dolly Parton’s mega-smash hit “Jolene.” Now, for an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts (redubbed Tiny Desk Home Concerts for now), she opened her three-song set with a cover of the iconic ‘90s folk-rock ballad “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star. But of course, Miley makes it her own.

Inside the Tiny Home (that is later revealed to be a soundstage with her band surrounding her), we see Miley in a big black Stetson, oversized shades, an animal print fur coat, lace pants, and a zebra print vest. It’s a stark contrast to the pink duvet and purple walls surrounding her. But Miley definitely loves contrast. Case in point: compare and contrast how Miley delivers the chorus line “I think it’s strange you never knew” against Mazzy Star lead singer Hope Sandoval’s introspective, soft delivery. Miley definitely knows how put her thumbprint on any song she covers.

Her set also includes her songs “Golden G String” and “Prisoner,” still rocking but in a stripped down and bare kinda way. As she moves through her set, it’s obvious that we are getting a glimpse of Miley reflecting on her Hannah Montana persona as a child, feeling boxed inside a cookie-cutter girl’s pink existence, but when she emerges from the Tiny Home, she pulls off her hat, glasses, and coat to be the woman she’s always wanted to be. It’s truly a thing to behold.

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Miley has been vocal lately about wanting to do a covers album, even saying in a recent interview that she wanted it be entirely of Metallica tunes. “We’ve been working on a Metallica cover album and I’m here working on that. We’re so lucky to be able to continue to work on our art during all of this,” she told Interview Magazine. “At first, it felt uninspiring and now I’ve been totally ignited."

Okay, we’re gonna need that covers album stat, bb.

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