Gal Gadot says 'Wonder Woman 1984' found 'perfect moment' for daughters' acting debuts

The 'Wonder Woman' star also gushed over how great her 'movie family' is.
December 14, 2020 3:36 p.m. EST

Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and this time she's taking us (and the guy crushing on her, Steve Trevor, aka Chris Pine) through the mid-'80s. We also finally get to meet Diana's friend-turned-enemy, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. Pedro Pascal also joins the cast as the devious businessman Maxwell Lord. The sequel will take us back to the land of the Amazons through flashbacks to Diana’s childhood, and Trevor will learn about "new" inventions like radar and fanny packs while he tries to support Diana in her mission, but it will also provide Gadot's daughters with their first on-screen acting debuts.

While speaking with Gadot, etalk's Chloe Wilde revealed that there is a little family cameo in Wonder Woman 1984 (but we're not telling where and when) and asked what was behind the decision to involve the girls.

"They always come to visit set, and it takes a village. Patty [Jenkins] family and my family became like very, very close so our kids used to come to set very, very often, so did our husbands," she said. "So having them participate for a moment in the movie was something very special for me because they are part of this journey and they are part of the movie for me. I was very happy we found the perfect moment to do a surprise."

Gadot has two daughters: Alma, 9, and Maya, 3. Gal was famously five-months pregnant with Maya in 2017 while shooting the first Wonder Woman installment, so maybe that could be considered her acting debut.

Director Patty Jenkins told Chloe that her son also has a cameo in the film. "He's the one playing snowballs with Gal's daughter. That's my son," she shared. "My son's actually in the film three times because out of necessity. I needed a kid three different times, changed his hair, and he plays three different characters in the movie."

Jenkins echoed Gadot's statement about their families being very close, saying, "We became very close very quickly on the first one but now we're talking about, our kids met when they were pretty young, and now we've really travelled together, we go on vacation together, we do all kinds of things together, we're going away after the movie comes out together. We've become like one big family," Jenkins said.

Gadot called the experience of working on Wonder Woman 1984 "delightful and great" because of the bond with her movie family. "Working with my amazing, amazing castmembers, it just made the whole experience worth it. Working with Chris [Pine] just felt like I was coming home again working with someone that I feel comfortable with, and that is just such a generous partner," the 35-year-old actress said. "And having the addition of Kristin [Wiig] and Pedro [Pascal] was just so, so great. They brought so much to the movie, and also, they're such wonderful people to be working with. They're fun and funny and smart and open."

"We literally had this very special commune, kind of a 'movie family' together. We were shooting the movie for 8 months, and we wanted to spend the weekends together, you know what I mean? It was that great, and I'm very, very lucky for that," Gadot added.

Throughout the new movie, Gadot's Diana Prince explains the '80s to Pine's Steve Trevor. Gadot said that the hardest '80s concept to explain would be the "crazy hair" because Pine already "loves the fanny pack." She said that she likes the fact that the characters "did the reverse fish out of water roles."

Gal added, "If in the first one I was the one to try all the clothes and he was the one who knows it all but now it was the opposite, and it was fun... A lot of it was just riffraff between Chris and I. That was off-script completely. That was a pleasure to do, as well."

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