All the celebs who attended the LA premiere of the Eras Concert Film

Oh Adam Sandler, always good for a laugh
October 12, 2023 11:34 a.m. EST

While Taylor Swift’s “Era’s Tour” movie officially drops on Friday the 13th, the “Anti-Hero” songstress had a massive premiere at a regular AMC theater in Los Angeles buried inside a mall. But this was no regular night. Taylor wore dressed in a strapless light blue Oscar de la Renta high-low gown and welcomes a who’s who of celebrity A listers.


We’re talking Beyoncé, Adam Sandler, Simu Liu, and more. The cinema was also packed with mega-Swifties, those fans who live and breathe all things Taylor. Check out these cute behind-the-scenes vids and red carpet serves from the big night.



Of course, we can’t ignore all the behind-the-scenes and red carpet serves from Taylor herself. We love this TikTok of her addressing the cinema, calling this moment a “core memory” for her and that she’s never had as much fun in career as she has during the Eras Tour.



"Hi, so you're stuck with me, because I'm going to, like, sit with you and watch this thing," she laughed into the microphone. "But before we do that, I want to say thank you for wanting to spend your evening with me. ... I've always had fun doing this. I can't believe music is my career; that's crazy to me. I've always loved it. I've never had a fraction of the amount of fun I've had on the Eras tour before, ever."


"Your attention to detail, your preparation, your passion, your intensity, you cared so much about these shows and that made all the difference for us. It made us want to add even more shows. I just have never felt this way about anything. I am so proud."


She must be referencing Toronto here, because the lone Canadian stop on her tour was added very late after much uproar, with her 6ix dates landing next November, 2024.


 "I think I will just watch it with you now. So let's have a blast guys. Thank you for coming," she said, as the movie rolled exactly at 8:30PM.


But it wasn’t just what happened on the inside of the cinema that set tongues wagging. This video below of her laughing and clapping her hands together on the red carpet is just one of the reasons why she’s just so dang loveable.



And then she takes selfies with the fans and she is definitely no “anti-hero” to these Swifties.






Queen Bey has supported Taylor so much in her life (who could forget that infamous Kanye “Ye” West mic grab, which led to Beyoncé calling Taylor back on stage to have her moment). Here we see the duo back together again in a Boomerang blowing kisses whilst inside the cinema.

Simu Liu



Canadian Ken himself brought his Ken-ergy to the red carpet, and his Instagram Stories saw him posting from the audience along with girlfriend Allison Hsu.


Adam Sandler



We love this video of the “Billy Madison” star dancing and singing right behind Taylor Swift as her hit tune “Karma” fills the room. Sandler is a bona fide Swiftie!


Maren Morris



Singer and frequent Taylor-collaborator Maren Morris hit the scene, and her Instagram Stories show her in the audience for the premiere, singing along to Taylor’s top hits.


Mariska Hargitay



“Law & Order: SVU” legend Mariska Hargitay came with her daughter Amaya and was playing it up on the red carpet for the papps, striking a pose.



The movie opens in 150 cinemas across Canada on Friday, October 13, exclusively at Cineplex.

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