Watch Drew Barrymore bring back her iconic 'Scream' character for 2020

What if Casey Becker ghosted Ghostface?
Published October 23, 2020 6:49 p.m. EST
Last Updated October 23, 2020 7:06 p.m. EST

It's a familiar scene: The opening credits have just rolled, and ominous music hints at the horror about to unfold across a cast of unsuspecting characters. A strange sound sends a member of the party down into the basement to check it out. You scream, “No!!!" at the screen – because, spoiler alert: that person is usually the first to go. It’s the classic slasher formula that so many horror movies have expertly exploited over the years; but for Drew Barrymore’s character in Scream, it wasn’t a trip to the basement that did her in… it was a phone call.

Drew Barrymore famously played the iconic role of Casey Becker in the 1996 movie, forever changing how we'd view Jiffy Pop and the question, "What's your favourite scary movie?" And now, more than two decades after the film’s debut, Barrymore is asking THIS question: “What if Casey Becker from Scream lived?”For the sketch, which was shared on her daytime series The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew brought back the signature blonde bob and white sweater that marked her character’s short-lived role in the movie. There's no landline phone involved (do those still exist?) in this Scream re-write. Instead, Barrymore – er, we mean, Casey Becker – is strolling down the street with a smartphone in hand, which promptly lights up with a series of menacing text messages. “It’s that time of year again…” Ghostface writes, with no shortage of ghost emojis thrown in for good measure.But when her phone lights up with his caller ID, Casey simply ignores the call before slipping the phone back in her purse. “Casey, come on pick up!” Ghostface pleads, and then, “Stop GHOSTING me!!!" Maybe Neve (a.k.a. Sidney Prescott) should try ghosting Ghostface in Scream 5.[video_embed id='2033316']RELATED: Neve Campbell officially signs on for ‘Scream 5’[/video_embed]The Drew Barrymore Show also hopped on the “how it started” vs. “how it’s going” social media challenge by sharing an epic Scream throwback on Twitter this week.

Casey Becker’s rather immediate death in the 1996 movie was a big deal when the movie hit theatres because, at the time, Barrymore was frequently featured in the film’s marketing, making her character’s sudden death a surprise for fans. During a Hot Ones interview in August, Barrymore revealed that she was first offered the lead role of Sidney Prescott in the movie, but specifically requested to play Casey Becker instead.

"In the horror film genre, my biggest pet peeve was that I always knew the main character was going to be slugging through at the end, but was going to creak by and make it,” she explained. “What I wanted to do is to take that comfort zone away.” According to Barrymore, she wanted to prove that rules did not apply in the Scream franchise.Well played, Barrymore. Well played.[video_embed id='-1']BEFORE YOU GO: Strange ghost footage captured on camera in Spain[/video_embed]