New documentary explores period stigma around the world

The creators of ‘Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation’ tell us about the reality of period poverty and lack of education.
April 10, 2020 1:00 p.m. EST
April 10, 2020 10:14 a.m. EST
Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation is a new documentary that takes audiences on a journey from India to the United Kingdom, uncovering the effect of period stigma around the world. It also illustrates that period poverty affects women here in Canada, too. Stats should that in Canada, one in seven girls will leave school every week due to a lack of access to period products. The film was directed and produced by Rebecca Snow and Carinne Chambers-Saini, and their female crew visited Africa, India, the U.K. and North America, where they learned there's still a very obvious lack of education and understanding around menstruation in those places. Women around the world continue to be embarrassed by their periods, and criticized and shamed because of their menstrual cycle. Some girls have no idea what their period even is.Rebecca and Carinne hope to change that with Pandora's Box.The pair recently dropped by The Social to tell us more about their important documentary and why it's time to normalize our periods. Watch their interview in the video above and visit the Pandora's Box website for more information.[video_embed id='1867197']New doc 'Toxic Beauty' shines a light on the shocking ingredients in cosmetics[/video_embed]

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