The internet has fallen in love with election analyst Steve Kornacki

Social media is referring to the election analyst as a 'chart-throb' and 'map daddy.'
November 6, 2020 5:27 p.m. EST
November 9, 2020 1:45 p.m. EST
If this seems like the longest US election ever, well, it’s because it kind of is. As we close out the week still somewhat uncertain of whose Twitter bio will feature the ‘POTUS’ title, it’s starting to feel like the collective sanity of the country hangs in the balance.Further north, we emotional support Canadians are at the ready, eyes glued to the television screen as countless newscasters embark on what seems to be a televised, high-stakes version of the all-nighters we pulled before an exam in University. But, throughout this emotional rollercoaster of a 4-day election, we received the gift we didn’t know we needed: Steve Kornacki.Dressed in Gap khakis and a striped tie, Kornacki has, perhaps inadvertently, staked his claim of the MSNBC stage. And by that we mean, the poor guy literally hasn’t gone home. If you’re starting to draw comparisons between Kornacki’s disheveled but ever-passionate appearance and Charlie Day’s character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, well, you’re definitely on to something. The resemblance is uncanny, and Kornacki has officially become the Internet’s latest boyfriend.In a ‘pressure makes diamonds’ type of situation, Kornacki has emerged as an unexpected delight. The 41-year-old national political correspondent and in-house map expert has been doing his due diligence to keep the American public informed on the latest election updates since Tuesday. The internet, specifically Twitter, was quick to take note of his dedication and, naturally, make viral memes about it.[video_embed id='2071961']WATCH: The internet's new boyfriend Steve Kornacki finally took a break[/video_embed]Last night, MSNBC told viewers that Kornacki was “having a mandatory rest and food period,” clearly unaware that this, the 2020 presidential election, is Kornacki’s Super Bowl. And there is no way in hell he is wasting any of it on the bench (or, in this case, getting some much needed sleep or a change of clothes). So, naturally, Kornacki took to Twitter to announce a change of plans — votes were still coming through Philadelphia (enough to put Biden in the lead) and Kornacki was headed back into the studio to deliver the news in real-time. Of course, Kornacki’s charm isn’t a new development. The correspondent has long-since established himself as a beloved and effortlessly earnest part of the MSNBC team, and a staple on our televisions. But this week, seemingly running on a manic cocktail of diet coke and conviction, Kornacki is, perhaps, not the hero we expected — but definitely the one we needed. And clearly Twitter (and every other social media platform, for that matter) is here for it. Don’t believe us? Check out his hashtag.That’s right. #Trackingkornaki is literally trending. He’s also been unofficially dubbed as “Map Daddy." Will Kornacki sleep before this election is over? Will “Map Daddy’s” reign on our televisions continue into the weekend? Can Kornacki and Chrissy Teigen become friends IRL after this is all over?We have so many questions, and it seems like Kornacki has all the answers.[video_embed id='2069989']RELATED: Debra Messing, Kerry Washington and more tweet #CountEveryVote amid undecided election [/video_embed]

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