10 super sexy podcasts to listen to in private

Now this is the sex ed we didn't get in school.
February 10, 2021 3:12 p.m. EST

Getting in the mood either for solo play or intimate time with others isn’t always as easy as flipping on a switch. Arousal, which is typically needed to enjoy a physical sexual experience, starts in the mind and moves to the emotions before signaling the body to respond. If you are creative or have a great memory, you may be able to conjure up a few thoughts and arrive at the arousal stage quickly. For the rest of us, there’s podcasts. We bet that’s not the P word you thought we were going to say.

Whether you are looking for a podcast to help improve your current relationship; provide a deeper understanding of your own sexual identity; educate you on sex-related topics in your life (or the lives of people around you); or just something straight up sexy to listen to, we’ve got the titles you need for sexual exploration. There may still be things we can’t do or say on TV, but all bets are off when it comes to pods.

Check out our top picks for the sexiest podcasts to listen to on Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

Dirty Diana

If there’s an actor with a sexier voice than the eternally husky Demi Moore, we’ve yet to hear or see them on-screen. In 2020, the Hollywood icon made the jump, not from the big to the small screen like many of her peers, but to the world of podcasts. Moore lent her unmistakable growl to the serial podcast Dirty Diana, playing a woman stuck in a failing marriage who finds solace in her secret website where women submit their deepest sexual fantasies.

Based on writer and director Shana Feste’s marriage, the podcast is a celebration of women reclaiming their sexuality and doing so without the male gaze.

Foreplay Radio

When the thrill is gone, it’s time to call in for reinforcements. Hosted by sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson and couples therapist George Faller, Foreplay Radio addresses how to keep a healthy sex life going once the honeymoon phase is over. With over 260 episodes in their library, Watson and Faller have covered just about every topic couples can encounter and are still going.

From sex while menstruating, to sex with a low libido, all the way up to sex during a pandemic, Watson and Faller answer all the questions we have and some we hadn’t even considered.


Fan fiction has taken off in recent years as online publishing platforms like Wattpad have made it easier than ever for aspiring authors to share their take on beloved characters. How popular is it? The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy started off as Twilight fan fiction and Anna Todd’s hugely successful After series was inspired by One Direction.

In Fangasm, hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush and Danny Chapman share fan fiction from a wide variety of films and TV shows, including Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Office, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Bet you didn’t think anything was sexier than the actual Game of Thrones. This podcast will wreak Dracarys on your loins.

The Turn On

Besties Kenya and Erica love sex and love talking about sex and thankfully they use a microphone for the second activity. The hosts of The Turn On post weekly episodes where they read Black erotica, interview the authors about what inspired their sexy story time and discuss their own sex lives.

The titillating tell-all dives into a wide range of topics for a podcast that is both educational and entertaining. We would have paid attention a lot more in school of this is what sex ed had really been like.

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Angela Yee knows there is one thing that all humans share – we are nosy. That’s why the celebrated radio host, who is best known as one of the anchors on New York’s long-running The Breakfast Show, launched her Lip Service podcast to interview musicians and actors and ask the questions we really want to know. How much of Issa Rae’s actual sex life influenced Insecure? Has Tinashe ever hooked up with a fan? Yee gets the deets from an impressive roster of celebrity guests, including Jessie Reyez, Nene Leakes, Ne-Yo, Chelsea Handler, Saweetie and more artists who use the podcast as a safe space to promote their latest projects and break down some of their best bedroom antics. The tea is hot.

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel

All that stuff we said about being nosy and loving to hear people’s personal stories on podcast? Those listeners are definitely going to want to check out Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel. New York Times best-selling author and couples therapist Perel gives listeners a fly-on-the-wall position as she helps real life couples work through their issues in their relationships and in the bedroom. Listeners not only get to hear Perel’s helpful advice and learn ways to better communicate with their partner, but the subject matter is always intriguing.

After four seasons, Perel has not only helped improve the relationships of couples featured on her show but also listeners who consistently tune in with open ears and open minds.

Inner Hoe Uprising

Inner Hoe Uprising is hosted by Sam, Rob, Akua and Rebecca—four Black queer friends who are using their space in the podcast world to shine an educated light on topics often ignored by more mainstream series. From the personal to the political, social life to social justice, Inner Hoe Uprising is a funny and thoughtful series that covers a wide birth of topics like the rights of sex workers in Portland, the racial origins of fat phobia, and virtual sex parties.

Savage Lovecast

One of the most recognizable names in love and sex advice is Dan Savage. In the early 1990s, Savage started a weekly advice column on sex in a local Seattle paper, which is now syndicated across North America. An author of six books on sex and relationships and the cofounder of the It Gets Better Project for LGBTQ youth, Savage has doled out sex advice on MTV, The Colbert Report, and now in his own weekly podcast series.

Listeners can call in with their own queries and hear Savage give heartfelt and educated takes on the questions that we’re all too scared to ask. Savage's podcast has over 700 episodes and counting, because let’s be real—we always have questions about sex, mental health and everything in between.

Probably True

Probably True is an award-winning podcast that does a deep dive into the dating and sex lives of queer people, presenting true stories in a highly entertaining, often educational, and always a little bit smutty manner. Some episodes tackle the safety measures necessary when dating while positive, while others tackle how to have sex in public, which you definitely should not do because it is highly illegal. But if you did, which you shouldn’t, Probably True has some tips that you should not follow - because again – very bad. Here’s the episode.


Okay, so technically speaking, Dipsea is not a podcast. It’s an app that allows listeners to scroll through hundreds of topics and titles ranging from flirty to explicit to find the most titillating tale of sexual adventures, with new stories continually being added. It’s still sexy time in your earbuds, so we’ll count it.

Dipsea is packed with more than 400 sexy audio stories and soothing sounds to help listeners fall asleep. You can even choose from a list of characters who will perform some intimate pillowtalk. The female-founded company is all about helping listeners tap into their sexuality and improve their sexual wellness. We’ll subscribe to that.

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