Bell Let's Talk Day's 10th year was bigger than ever

We all did that.
January 30, 2020 11:41 a.m. EST
January 30, 2020 6:25 p.m. EST
In its 10th year, Bell Let's Talk Day raised more funds for mental health initiatives than ever and set a new record for number of interactions on social media and through texting and calling. What's more, there were a ton of inspiring messages circulating all around the globe with people sharing their stories and support with one another.Overall, the world shared 154,387,425 messages through various platforms Wednesday, which translates to $7,719,371.25 raised for initiatives supporting young people, Indigenous communities, mental illness research and any one else who requires them. In the decade since Bell Let's Talk Day started, Bell has donated a total of $108,415,135 to these programs, thanks to everybody who called, texted, snapped, tweeted or watched the Bell Let's Talk video.The whole day felt like a warm social media hug with thousands and thousands of amazing messages circulating across the internet with everyday heroes to celebrities who've played heroes—oh heyyy, Ryan Reynolds—opening a dialogue. Even the Royals got involved with Harry and Meghan dedicating their Instagram Story to the cause. Justin Trudeau did us one better by not only tweeting, but sharing new plans for mental health policy in Canada. In an interview with The Social host Melissa Grelo, he explained that over the coming years, the federal government will be working with provinces to improve access to family physicians and psychiatrists, especially in remote and Indigenous communities. The concern of being without a doctor or not having access to timely care is one felt across Canada, making the government's renewed focus a necessary one.[video_embed id='6127724553001']Justin Trudeau reveals plans for Canada’s mental health policy[/video_embed]More Canadians shared their stories Thursday evening during the Bell Let's Talk Livestream anchored by Your Morning host Anne-Marie Mediwake and The Social's Marci Ien. The inspiring women talked to the likes of Olympian Clara Hughes, comedian Howie Mandel and Chair of the Bell Let's Talk Mary Deacon as well as professionals who provide much-needed mental health care in Canada.With such a spectacular Bell Let's Talk Day 2020, we can only imagine the good that can be done in the coming year and on BLT Day 2021.[video_embed id='1882250']Howie Mandel says opening up about mental health is 'worth the fight'[/video_embed]

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