What to get your mom for Mother's Day based on these TV moms

Let television decide for you.
Published April 30, 2021 11:24 a.m. EST
CBC, Getty Images, Marvel Studios, Shutterstock, collage by Mari Santos CBC, Getty Images, Marvel Studios, Shutterstock, collage by Mari Santos

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Do any of these TV moms remind you of your own? Is she a Vivian Banks, Joyce Byers or more of an 'I will do anything for love' Wanda Maximoff? Well, you're in luck. We've got the perfect gift selection for each and every one of them, making Mother's Day shopping that much easier. So go on, match your ma to a larger-than-life TV mom. We'll do the rest.

Our picks

Getty Images, Away

Clair Huxtable

If your mom works as hard as Clair Huxtable, then she definitely deserves a (post-pandemic) vacation. And Clair, being the stylish lawyer that she is, deserves the best kind of luggage. You know, the kind that glides with 360° spinner wheels and that has an interior compression system that lets you pack more with less space. Because you know Mom's bringing you back something good when she gets back. Duh, she's Clair Huxtable. 

The Carry On, $255 at Away.


Fox, Dyson, TISH

Peggy Bundy

What makes sitting around eating bonbons even better? Knowing the floors are being vacuumed by a robot while you do it. Even better if you're wearing really fabulous statement earrings.

Dyson 360 Heurist Robot Vacuum, $1,199 at McHardy Vacuum; Delilah Earrings, $38 at TISH.

WB, Van Houtte

Lorelai Gilmore

Everyone knows Lorelai Gilmore invented ordering coffee. Sure, she could always go to Luke's but wouldn't it save so much time if she could just brew her own delicious, heavily caffeinated cold brew at home? Just a suggestion. 

Van Houtte Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $59.99 at Van Houtte.

Netflix, DUER

Joyce Byers

When you're trying to find your son who got sucked into the Upside Down, there's not really time for much else — especially laundry. Not only are these DUER jeans super cute and ridiculously comfortable, they're also anti-bacterial and only need to be washed after 30 (!) wears. 

DUER High Rise Straight Jeans, $149 at DUER.

UPN, Honest Beauty

Maya Wilkes

Gilfriends' Maya Wilkes is the most underrated TV mom in history. She was a teen mom who married, divorced, then remarried her high school sweetheart, but not before working on herself, going back to college and becoming a best-selling author(ess). But I just really want to know how she did all that with such impeccable, glowing skin. Maybe with this Honest Beauty Magic multi-purpose balm? Yeah, let's go with that.


Honest Beauty Magic Beauty Balm, $29.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

NBC, Shop Infini

Amy Sosa

Remember that episode of Superstore where Amy almost gets a day off and all she can think about is lounging around in her house, eating take-out and binge-watching TV? She'll need sweats to match. Bonus points if they're stylish and locally designed.

Leni Sweatpant $88 at Shop Infini.

Fox, Fable

Marge Simpson

Marge is selfless, no doubt, but she also has refined taste (remember that pink Chanel suit?). So when there's company, she's not going to use just any old dinnerwear. It's hand-finished ceramic or bust.

Dinnerware Set, $215 at Fable.

CBC, Allbirds

Mrs. Kim ("Umma")

Whether at the store or volunteering at church, Mrs. Kim is on her feet all day. Obviously, she needs shoes that'll take her from Point A to Point B in comfort and style. These ballet flats — which are flexible and conform to your movements — are not only better for the environment than traditional shoes, they're breathable, odour-wicking and you can throw them right into your washing machine. 

Women's Tree Breezers, $135 at Allbirds.

Netflix, Gucci

Lucille Bluth

Is Lucille Bluth wearing anything other than designer? The answer to that is a resounding, "No, Michael." So while you may not be able to afford to buy her a Gucci suit, this Gucci lipstick might get you in her good books. (Maybe.)

Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick, $55 at Sephora.

Getty Images, KANDL

Vivian Banks

For the mom that has everything including great taste (like Aunt Viv), why not try a luxury experience instead? Yep, the pandemic makes things a wee bit harder but KANDL's virtual lab lets Mom create an exquisite candle exactly to her liking from the comfort of her own home. Trust us, you've never smelled a candle this good.

KANDL Lab Experience, $130 at KANDL.

Netflix, Alumier MD, BITE beauty

Hermione Lodge

If your mom has tried to murder your dad twice, we're not sure what you're doing reading a Mother's Day gift guide. If her skin looked absolutely fabulous while doing it, you can bet she's been using an amazing tinted sunscreen (no white-cast, applies seamlessly) and the most radiant, long-wearing whipped cream blush. 

Alumier MD Sunscreen, $48 at New Radiance; BITE Beauty Daycation Blush, $42 at Sephora.

Marvel Studios, Reformation

Wanda Maximoff

Does your mom enjoy wearing trends from different decades, but somehow pulls off every single look with aplomb? Might we suggest a figure-flattering dress from Reformation that's sure to delight everyone who's watching.

Belgium Linen Dress, $358 at Reformation.

NBC, Club Monaco

Rebecca Pearson

If your mom has a pretty serious hat collection, then the answer is obvious. This one is classic and versatile, meaning she can wear it on stage singing, or while chasing a few kids around the block.

Hat Attack Millennie Hat,  $129.50 at Club Monaco.

ABC, Aldo

Angela Bower

The Boss was always Angela, right? In that case, boss heels are also in order, ones to wear while killing it at the ad agency and just being exceptional at life.

Tirarith Slingbacks, $66.50 at Aldo.


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