13 fitness gifts to help create an affordable home gym

You might set aside a couple to get for yourself.
December 12, 2020 12:49 p.m. EST
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This year has definitely spotlighted the importance of self-care, and it’s also changed the way we exercise. Both of those things go hand in hand because fitness isn’t just about weight loss or building muscle. Exercise goes far beyond the scale and helps with mood and mental health (especially after spending hours at the computer working from home during this ongoing pandemic). Whether you’re looking for a gift for the fitness fanatic in your life or you’re helping someone build their home gym, there is a variety of home gym pieces that make it easy to get a workout into a busy schedule.

Take a look at these 13 fitness gifts that will help create an affordable home gym atmosphere for anyone on your list this holiday season.

Versatile kettlebells

A kettlebell is designed to move with you through many different exercises, and it packs the same punch as dumbbells. Kettlebells can help you get an effective, time-efficient workout in. Kettlebell swings can help increase your heart rate, burn extra fat and tone muscle. This versatile piece of equipment can also be used for presses, snatches, pistol squats, carries, floor presses and much more.

BalanceFrom Wide Grip 3-Piece Kettlebell Exercise Fitness Weight Set, $141 at Amazon.

Char Chalk

If you know someone who’s using weights, kettlebells or a barbell at home, they’re going to need something to help their grip and protect their hands. Loose white gym chalk is a nightmare. It gets everywhere and doesn’t last very long. Thankfully, Char Chalk has created activated charcoal chalk in a convenient handheld tube with a formula designed to create less mess. It will actually leave hands feeling smooth instead of dried out, and each tube packs in over 75 uses!

Char Chalk’s The Duo, $36.99 at Char Chalk.

A bike that does more

Buying a big piece of gym equipment can seem intimidating, but what if it features more than just one exercise? This exercise bike engages your core and legs with the bike and takes your workout to the next level. Incorporate a chest press, curls, flies and more with the smooth bungee cord and pulley system that comes along with this bike.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike, $343 at The Bay.

Tunes to work out to

Music and fitness, name a better duo! Nothing is worse than a slow song coming on during your workout and killing the momentum you have going. Give any home gym studio vibes by filling the room with crisp, rich bass on this Google Nest Audio speaker. It has a built-in Goggle Assistant, so you can ask Google to change the song or turn up the volume to help you get into that workout.

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker, $130 from Google.

A beginner yoga kit

Do you know someone who talks about wanting to get into yoga but they haven’t made a move to? With the ongoing pandemic, now might be the time to get into new rewarding hobbies. This yoga for beginners kit includes an environmentally friendly mat with the perfect grip, a yoga block to help modify difficult poses by offering support and balance and a yoga strap to increase flexibility and range of motion.

Yoga for Beginners Kit, $30 at Gaiam.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for targeting the lower body. If you know someone that doesn’t have access to heavyweights, these bands are the perfect addition to their home gym experience. Resistance bands can be integrated into any workout plan, including pilates, yoga and any general exercise. They come in different levels to incorporate different levels of resistance in any workout.

Xtreme Bands, $20 at Amazon.


Time to skip


We’re not talking about adding a crazy amount of weight to your skipping rope because that would be cruel. Weighted skipping ropes start at a half-pound of weight in each hand for added strength training during this cardio workout. More muscles are activated, more calories are burned, and more energy is used when the weighted skipping rope is incorporated in workouts.

Nike Fundamental Weighted Rope Black/White, $33 at SportChek.

Track your progress

Fitness watches are so many things in one. A heart sensor that tracks burned calories, workout sessions, and reading texts and sending emails all while working out. This watch also helps with wellness as it can make a nightly bedtime routine with the Sleep app and help you to stay centred throughout the day with the Breath app. There are multiple different bands to choose from, so think of this as the gift that keeps giving.

Apple Watch Series 6, $660 at Best Buy.

Your own personal trainer

Some people feel more comfortable working out when they have a personal trainer to help teach them the proper form, so they don’t hurt themselves. A personal trainer can also help to hold people accountable and motivate them to reach new fitness goals. Gift the fitness fanatic in your life with an Apple Watch app that allows them to work with a trainer. Think of this app as a dating app to help find the perfect trainer.

Prices vary at Trainerize.Me.


A set of free weights can help the fitness lover in your life perform a wide range of exercises and help them keep challenging their bodies. During the beginning of quarantine, free weights were sold out everywhere because they were in such high demand after many gyms closed, but now there are many different choices back in stock.

BalanceFrom All-Purpose Weight Set, $137 at Amazon.

Something a little more compact

If you have someone in your life who says they want to work out, but they have no time because they’re constantly working, this is the gift for them! This mini exercise bike can live under any desk, and it can be used while working from home. Sit down for work and slide your feet into the pedals whenever you feel like burning off some energy.

Stamina Mini Smooth Pedal System Exercise Bike, $115 at Hudson’s Bay.

A power tower

A power tower is the perfect multi-function workout equipment to help people do those extremely challenging pull-ups and dips. Incorporate chin-ups, knee raises, push-ups and any other type of abdominal muscle, arm, back, chest and shoulders workout with it. The high-density foam handles are non-slip and soft.

Power Tower Multi-Function Workout Dip Station for Home Gym, $220 at Amazon.

Punch away those frustrations

The perfect gift to close out 2020. A heavy bag will help anyone get that built up aggression out of their mind and body before heading into the new year. Throw some punches, knees and kicks into this bag during those cardio-intensive workouts.

Everlast Cardio Blast Heavy Bag, $110 at Canadian Tire.


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