Will Arnett wants Brad Pitt to come on his 'SmartLess' podcast with Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes

They've already scored Clooney and Aniston. What's Brad waiting for?
October 12, 2021 2:50 p.m. EST
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Will Arnett is a busy man — but like most of us, he’s not too busy for Brad Pitt. In addition to Arnett’s impressive film and television career, the Canadian actor and comedian just celebrated the one year anniversary of his podcast, SmartLess — a hilarious, candid series of conversations featuring co-hosts Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes plus a mystery guest — and he’s on the lookout for celebs to join the fun.

Pitt hasn’t been on the pod yet but as Arnett told Etalk’s Lainey Lui, “We always have time for Brad Pitt. That should be known.” It’s not just you, Will — we’d make time for Brad Pitt any day of the week.

The podcast has already hosted mega-stars such as Paul McCartney, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, George Clooney, Will Ferrell, Billie Eilish, Seth Rogen and dozens more.

“Once people saw that it was fun, it became a thing where they would tell each other and we’d be having dinner with someone and they’d go, when are you guys going to have me on?” Arnett explained, noting that pal Jimmy Kimmel wanted an invitation after Conan O’Brien appeared in an early episode.

Another notable podcast guest was Vice President Kamala Harris, who sat down with SmartLess the day before she was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate. “And now I consider her a close personal friend,” Arnett said in his signature deadpan before quickly adding that Harris “probably doesn’t remember my name.” (Truth be told, we’d totally buy Kamala Harris as an Arrested Development fan.)

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the pod, Arnett is heading on tour with Bateman and Hayes for a series of live events. The SmartLess tour starts with two nights at Massey Hall in Toronto—and naturally, Lainey wanted to know which mystery celeb guest will be there to surprise the audience on opening night.

“Lainey, you know what, for the purposes of this interview...it’s you.” (It’s not, but we love that.)

No matter who it is, Arnett is hoping for a big reaction on night one—especially because it meant convincing his American co-hosts to start the tour in Toronto. “It better be a great reaction from our Canadian friends!”

Lainey couldn’t help but sneak in a request for Arnett to come on Etalk’s own podcast, Off The Record, when he’s in town for the tour. The verdict? “I make you this pledge that when I come to Toronto...I will not come on your podcast.”

Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

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