The SNL-to-dating-Pete-Davidson pipeline is real

Hmm... there's something to this theory.
November 1, 2021 11:49 a.m. EST
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Did the Saturday Night Live sketch with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson kissing lead to a real-life fling? All signs point to YES (!), especially now that photos of the two holding hands in broad daylight (as opposed to the haunting photo of the pair at Knott’s Scary Farm from Halloween) seems to confirm that this in officially on.

Rumours started flying late last month when the pair were spotted in true Gossip Girl style, holding hands on a roller coaster at the Halloween event. They were there with Kim’s sister Kourtney and fiance Travis Barker. Apparently, Pete and Travis have the same acquaintances thanks to their mutual bud, Machine Gun Kelly. 

“They hang in the same circles so they will be together from time to time,” an unnamed source explained to People, clarifying that what we're seeing between Pete and Kim isn't a romantic connection. However, as some fans may recall, Davidson’s crew denied any romance with Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor this past summer as well. And as we all know, that turned out to be the real thing. Or at least it was until they broke up in August.

Further driving this new Kardashian rumour frenzy is, of course, the SNL sketch. In the October episode that Kim hosted, the pair got together for an Aladdin sketch in which Pete played the Disney character and Kim played Princess Jasmine. After Jasmine insults Aladdin’s lack of income and friends, he asks The Genie for a bigger penis. Jasmine then asks Aladdin if he’s going to kiss her already.

You know, the stuff of true romance. 

(Seriously though, was this on anyone’s 2021 Bingo card?)

It's safe to say that whoever sold that snap is probably getting themselves a pretty nice Christmas present this year. Meanwhile, even the idea of Davidson and Kardashian being anything more than friends is getting some pretty strong reactions online. Because if they are indeed dating, well… the year of 2021 continues. 

Then not even a week later, Kim K and Pete were spotted sharing a meal in Davidson's hometown of Staten Island (you may recall Pete was the star of the 2020 flick The King of Staten Island). This wasn't just any dinner, but apparently a private rooftop dinner arranged by Davidson, where the duo would be afforded some privacy.

And what did rumoured GF Kim K do for Pete's 28th bday on November 16? Reportedly threw him a party, where matching SKIMS PJs were part of the dress code, at her mom Kris' Palm Springs abode. And sources are saying that even though they live on different coasts, they're eager to stay in touch and getting along great but aren't ready to put a label on things yet, although the public PDA, though grade-school innocent, seems to suggest otherwise.

And did Twitter notice that Kim was wearing Yeezys while out with her new beau? Why, yes.

Some are wondering if being on SNL is like the new gateway drug to dating Davidson, since he and ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande basically got close after she hosted the series. Others are just bringing up all of the notable women Davidson has been connected with over the years, and wondering what his secret is. 

Now, yes, Ariana Grande may have been the public's grand(e) awakening to the charms (is that the right word?) of Pete Davidson, but there's a lot more to his appeal than meets the eye. Is it his sense of humour? The Hot Girls™ he's dated? Or is it all of the above? Honestly, it took Lainey Lui and Chloe Wilde an entire episode of the Etalk: Off the Record podcast to debate. 

But we also must remember Ariana Grande wasn't the first SNL-adjacent Hot Girl™ to date Pete Davidson. That honour goes to a different SNL connection—Cazzie David (AKA Larry David's daughter) who met Pete on the set of SNL when her dad hosted the show in February 2016. They went on to date for two-and-a-half years before calling it quits. 

As far as the matter at hand goes, whether Kardashian and Davidson are really dating or just exploring warm and fuzzy feelings remains to be seen, but, well—they’re both single. Davidson hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone since Dynevor and Kardashian and Kanye West are still divorced, despite some of the rumours after Kanye helped Kim prep for her SNL hosting debut.

For now, it seems like the internet is gonna do its thing, which means we should probably all start refreshing Kim’s social media feeds on the regular as we wait for any more clues that this romance is for real.

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