The Jonas Sisters did the best roasting at the 'Jonas Brothers Family Roast'

Yes, Priyanka went there.
November 24, 2021 10:50 a.m. EST
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We've long been anticipating the much-hyped Jonas Brothers Family Roast, which dropped Tuesday on Netflix, but we were expecting the guest comedians like Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson, Jack Whitehall, and Lilly Singh to tear them a new one (and trust us, they did). But totally out of left field, the JoBros' better halves, specifically Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas, mopped the floor with their hubbies' egos. 

If they weren't totally in love, we might be worried, because the wives WENT THERE and took no prisoners.

Danielle, married to elder Jonas, Kevin, lost her voice for the event, but that didn't stop her from having Kenan read her script.

"I met Kevin on vacation and before that the only thing I've done on vacation that ruined my life was getting vacation braids. I basically ignored him the whole time, which he loved because he said it reminded him of his mom," Kenan read, pitch-perfect.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick's other half,  also went IN, burning her husband so bad, he might need some aloe.

She then tore the roof of the place with the zinger, "He showed me how to use TikTok, and I showed him what a successful acting career looks like." Clean up in aisle 4!

She then made Nick (and all of us) nearly have a heart attack when she said "We are the only couple who doesn't have kids yet. Which is why I'm excited to make this announcement...sorry babe... Nick and I are expecting to get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow." She finished off her killer set by adding that, "Nick has changed my life. I wouldn't want to babysit--I mean be married to anyone else ever."

Not to be outdone, Sophie Turner had an epic go at her partner-in-crime Joe, lampooning him and the brothers for their infamous purity rings.

The Game of Thrones star made sure to stick it to her hubby and her brothers-in-law for what she believes is a wee little bit of hypocrisy. "I think we need to set the record straight here. No, the rings weren't a good idea. Yes, as a gesture they're laughably, toe-curlingly lame. But remember: This was about more than a gesture," she began. "This was about faith! This was about principle! This was about taking a stand and setting an example! Look, Joe Jonas wasn't just sticking his fingers in some dumb metal rings. He was sticking his fingers in costars, actresses, and even a supermodel or two." Okay, we're gonna need a minute here.

At the end of her roast, right before walking off stage (what, no mic drop?), Sophie threw an aside to Joe, "Don't wait up. Pete Davidson slipped me his phone number." Dang, Pete gets around. There were some other amazing Boom ROASTED moments during the Netflix special, courtesy of Canada's own Lilly Singh, who quipped that Nick Jonas couldn't grow a beard, "so he married one."

Then there was our favourite UK comedian Jack Whitehall, who made the entire audience stand up and cheer for father Kevin Jonas Sr and his, er, shall we say, reproductive organs.

But even the JoBros themselves grabbed the mics to rip into each other, sometimes lovingly, sometimes brutally. Like we're not sure why Joe had to plaster a pic of Nick's massive nipples up on the screen, but we're sure it's all in jest. Right, Nick? RIGHT?

During the pre-recorded intro to the show, someone leaked a wild story about Joe soiling himself as a child... who that "someone" is remains a mystery ($100 says it was Nick).

And what about poor Kevin. The only guy to be fired by Donald Trump. "And that is actually the only thing I have in common with Donald Trump," Nick joked. Dannnnnng.

Fans of the band absolutely loved the show and seeing as how all the JoBros and their wives were kissing and making up by the end, we'd say no harm no foul.

Except for poor Kevin over here. The poster for the show partially covers his face. Still getting roasted over here.

The Jonas Brothers Family Roast is now available to stream on Netflix.

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