‘Reservation Dogs’ star Devery Jacobs’ fashion is our new obsession

Check out the Canadian star’s top fashion moments and meet the designers behind the looks.
October 22, 2021 2:07 p.m. EST
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Devery Jacobs always slays the red carpet with her personality shining through with each look. One thing that makes them all the more impactful is that she makes sure at least one item is created by an Indigenous designer.

Whether it’s the Emmys red carpet or cover shoots for major magazines, Devery, who was just nominated for a Gotham Award BTW, aims to showcase Indigenous creators through her growing platform. 

Let’s look at some of Devery Jacobs’ top fashion moments and meet the designers behind the looks.

Ataumbi Metals for PopSugar

Just try to take your eyes off these stunning earrings designed by Ataumbi Metals. Ataumbi Metals, was founded by Keri Ataumbi in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Keri grew up on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming where she was exposed to traditional Native American aesthetics and contemporary art theory and practice. Her love for art continued to blossom and led her to start her own business, where she creates wearable art that is easily recognized, trendy, and easy to wear. Keri says, “my jewelry has a conceptual narrative exploration as its core. I use traditional Kiowa imagery and materials in a contemporary form.” Keri’s designs are truly one of a kind!

Lesley Hampton at the Emmys

We have no words other than “WOW” for this custom Lesley Hampton dress. Lesley Hampton is an Anishinaabe artist and fashion designer based in Toronto, Ontario, focused on broadcasting the importance of inclusivity and representation. She creates size-inclusive clothing and stunning accessories made for every person.

Lesley has been described by the Globe and Mail as “an important Indigenous face in the Canadian fashion landscape” and had The National Post remarking “wherever her career takes her, activism and style will always go hand-in-hand.” She also dressed Etalk's own Lainey Lui for the Golden Globes red carpet in 2020.

Running Fox Beads for the ‘Reservation Dogs’ premiere 

Talk about jewelry making a statement! Running Fox Beads was founded in 2015 by Skye Paul, a “full-time mom and part-time beader” based in Toronto, Ontario. Skye’s primary medium is beadwork and illustration, taught to her by family members and those in her community, where she has experience in caribou hair tufting, quillwork, leatherwork, and installation. Her work has been worn to the Met Gala, grabbing the attention of Vogue. They really are breathtaking. 

Indi City earrings

Hey, Devery, can we borrow those Indi City earrings ASAP? Indi City is an accessory brand founded by Angel and Alex, a 2S BIPOC couple that creates beautifully intricate designs. In 2017, they became the first global Indigenous designers to incorporate wearable technology into traditional regalia. Their first piece was a Woman’s Traditional outfit called “The Matriarch Speaks,” which was exhibited in Calgary, Ottawa, and Shenzhen, China. They design and create all their stunning accessories by drawing on their ancestral roots from growing up on Turtle Island. 

Regalia by She Holds the Sky Designs

Devery brought regalia to the red carpet when she wore this traditional look, made by She Holds the Sky, to one of the Reservation Dogs premieres. Designer Karoniénhawe Diabo shared the milestone with an Instagram post saying, “it’s not every day you see regalia on a red carpet let alone it being a dress you’ve made!” She added that the fabrics were from Algonquin Textiles and beadwork was done by artist Cassidy Wahianóron Meloche. 

She Holds the Sky was founded by Diabo, who is Onkwehón:we, in 2017. Diabo wants to showcase that she can create more than just traditionally Indigenous clothing and also designs gowns, leisure, and bridal wear. The designer has spoken about her grandmother, Estelle Diabo, being the inspiration behind her following her fashion dreams. 

Hair by Deyah Cassadore for the Tribeca Film Festival

When it comes to fashion, we can’t forget about the hair and makeup. Another reason we appreciate Devery’s approach to style is that when she’s not wearing clothes or accessories created by Indigenous designers, she makes sure to surround herself with an Indigenous glam squad. Devery’s hairstylist for this event and others, Deyah Cassadore, always makes sure to support fellow Indigenous creators on each of her projects. Deyah uses her platform to educate her followers on Indigenous issues through art. 

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