Priyanka Chopra Jonas says “I don’t sit on that s**t” when faced with those wanting to jeopardize her career

“Few of us are happy for somebody else’s success,” she revealed
November 25, 2022 12:00 a.m. EST

It’s  not always an easy rise to the top. That’s what actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas revealed in a new interview, where she revealed that in her climb up the career ladder,  there have been unnamed people trying to throw a spanner in the works.

“Few of us are happy for somebody else’s success,” she told Ranveer Allahbadiah for his “Beer Biceps” podcast, speaking about those who begrudged her ambition to be a Bollywood and later Hollywood star.



“Our generation should say, ‘Hold on. Why is my natural instinct (when someone is successful) to be jealous… to be envious? Why is my natural instinct not saying, wow, you’ve done so great,” she continued.

She then revealed a whammy, without naming names. “I’ve also had people wanting to jeopardize my career. Like take away from work… make sure I wasn’t cast just because I was doing well in what I was doing.”

If we know Priyanka, we know that’s not something the Quantico star would spend her life crying over.

“I don’t sit and wait on and harp on… I mean, maybe I’ll cry one night or the other when an opportunity was taken away from me.”

“But I don’t sit in the sh*t,” she said frankly.

 “You have to shut off those noises,” she continued. “There are so many people that’ll want to pull you down but don’t focus on that. Focus on the one person who believes in you.”



Priyanka famously married singer Nick Jonas in 2018 and they now have one baby daughter. Nick recently said about his wife, “It's truly that thing where you become one with the person and that extends beyond your relationship and the home you build but also into your creative life and business and everything else.”

As for Priyanka, she had some advice for those experiencing similar hurdles as she did at the beginning of her career. “You’re bogged down by baggage, you’re bogged down by shackles of people holding you down, so you have to really push forward.”


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