Pete Davidson took his Staten Island besties to see his billboard and yes, we’re charmed

But did he take Kim, too?
November 4, 2021 4:15 p.m. EST
Moose Knuckles Moose Knuckles

Someone needs to alert Google Maps because Canada and Staten Island just collided. The latest ads for the Canadian-designed outerwear label Moose Knuckles feature none other than the pride of Staten Island: comedian (and newly minted fashion icon?) Pete Davidson. And no one is happier about the collab than Pete, himself.

The Saturday Night Live star recently rounded up his friends to pose in front of Staten Island’s billboard-sized Moose Knuckles ad in which Davidson stars, wearing a white puffer jacket unzipped to show off his chest tattoos (Moose Knuckles: so warm you don’t need to wear anything else). Davidson straddles a motorcycle made of ice which he’s riding (no hands!) through the wintry streets. He looks pretty cool in the ad, but the better photo is the one he took with his pals in front of said ad. While also wearing Moose Knuckles swag (so meta).

The campaign, shot by photographer David LaChapelle, also features profesh models Emily Ratajowski and Adwoa Aboah — and it doesn't mark Davidson’s first time playing a mannequin. He’s also done a campaign for Rowing Blazers, modelling cool (if wildly unaffordable) knitwear. Like with Rowing Blazers, Davidson posed for several images for Moose Knuckles including this one where he adorably attempts ice fishing in a sewer drain. We’re hoping there’s a catch and release program in effect here.

The billboard motorcycle image however, was obviously a big deal for Davidson — hence the celebration with pals. “Much love always to Staten Island. I grew up here and I’ll always stay here. Shout out to Moose Knuckles for making it happen,” he said in a statement. The campaign also includes a video spot in which you can see Davidson wielding a chainsaw with which to carve his ice motorcycle.

The SNL favourite has been having a bit of a moment lately — one that includes a rumoured romance with the show’s recent host, Kim Kardashian. After being spotted riding roller coasters together (there was hand-holding involved) the two were seen out a second time in NYC being “genuinely affectionate” with one another at a friend’s birthday party. Unwitnessed, though, was the private dinner Davidson reportedly arranged for Kim in (where else?) Staten Island. No word on whether he took her ‘round to see his billboard as part of the date. 

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