Lizzo and Sarah Paulson’s friendship is so random and perfect

We ship their TikTok union.
October 26, 2021 11:00 a.m. EST
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The FX horror anthology American Horror Story: Asylum has received a bit of a resurrection on social media lately, with TikTok users absolutely besotted with a short but blood-curdling line screamed by actress Sarah Paulson way back in Season 2. You probably already know it – “"HELLLLP, HE'S ESCAPING! THE KILLER IS ESCAPING, HELP MEEEEE!"

Well, singer and rapper Lizzo recently found herself in the presence of one Miss Sarah Paulson, and as we all know, the devil works hard, but Lizzo works even harder. She got the Emmy winner to appear in not one, but two, TikToks joining in on the lip-syncing trend, with varying degrees of commitment.

Their first pass at the trending video, which has 3.3 million likes and over 42 thousand shares and climbing, has them putting all of their efforts into a proper recreation.

And their second pass, which has over 24.4 million likes and 51 thousand shares, has them giving a rather subdued performance.

We don’t care what anyone says, their duet here is iconic and we are going to need 3-5 business days to recover.

The original audio soundbite was posted to TikTok by an American Horror Story fan account and then, as TikTok sounds do, it somehow caught on. A few days earlier, Paulson had even confirmed she knew it was going around, laughing at the fact that the people using it probably had no idea it was her.

As you probably already know, the incomparable Paulson played Lana Winters during the second season American Horror Story: Asylum, and has appeared in all but one of its 10 seasons, playing a different character each time. 

It grew from just a viral meme to a pop culture event when pop star Billie Eillish got in on the lip syncing….except in her case it was nostril-syncing.

She even captioned her nose-rendition, “hate that you guys made this sound huge on here,” referencing how the clip is undoubtedly all over her TikTok feed.

Another celeb to take on the trend? LITERALLY LIZZO. More than a month earlier, Lizzo used the sound to theatricalize her... morning bowel movement. Ah, what a full-circle moment.

It appears Paulson and Lizzo were able to come together to make this iconic moment in pop culture history because they were both in attendance for a Halloween costume party. Lizzo posted to her Instagram that she was dressed up in her own version of the dress worn during the climactic scene of the 2019 horror movie Midsommar. We don’t know if there will be more Lizzo and Sarah duets in our future, but now that these two have found each other, let no man every tear them asunder.

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