Kim Petras says her latex VMAs mask was a protest against OnlyFans banning nudity

'The world needs sex workers, and the world needs sex.'
October 20, 2021 1:13 p.m. EST
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We can all admit that Kim Petras is the princess of electro bubblegum pop, but we also must admit that she is an artist who is not afraid to showcase her stance on social issues. Instead of just posting an Instagram story defending sex workers utilizing OnlyFans as a new source of income, Kim, being the bold fearless artist she is, showcased her beliefs on the VMAs red carpet. Can we get a signature Kim Petras “Woo-Ah” in here?

“At that time, the OnlyFans stuff was going down where they were banning sex workers," Kim explained. "I am very sex-positive. The world needs sex workers, and the world needs sex. Anything that’s ‘taboo’ and considered as that by people, I want to push that and put that on the red carpet and be like ‘this can also be beautiful.’” 

At the awards, Kim rocked a unique piece by the London-based designer, Richard Quinn. The look incorporated an intricate beaded dress that showcased a giant cross on the chest over top of a dominatrix black latex full-body suit.

At the time of the 2021 VMAs, OnlyFans announced it would be banning material deemed as sexually explicit. When the news started to make waves, many celebrities and influencers showed their support towards the sex industry, which caused OnlyFans to retract their statement only six days later via Twitter.

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“I spent my entire childhood on my computer dreaming of being a part of the world I wanted to be in and being an artist,” she said, reflecting on how she's always dreamed of performing at the VMAs.

“Moving to LA with $500 by myself and then now performing at the VMAs – it was all worth it. It came true and that’s such a beautiful thing.”

Not only did Kim make a statement that night, but she also made history by being the first-ever transgender woman to perform at the coveted award show.

VMAs aside, Kim is dominating 2021 by making appearances at Lollapalooza and the fashion event of the year, The Met Gala. This year, she wore a Collina Strada dress paying homage to the designer’s inner horse girl by wearing a 3D horse on her chest.

When Kim Petras isn't turning heads on red carpets, she is making the electrifying bops we truly need for our souls. She finally released the music video for the end-of-summer party anthem “Future Starts Now” and she gave us what we needed without leaving a drop. 

“I’ve been working on being a good songwriter and would write ten songs a day after school.” A lot has changed since writing songs in her childhood bedroom. With her new musical era, she says, “this music deserves to be heard by as many people as possible and I think this is the right moment.”

When speaking of the process behind making the music video, “I need to climb the Eiffel tower and dance on it. That’s just an image that I had in my brain that I needed to happen no matter what.” We expect nothing less and that’s why we love you, Petras.

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