Kim K, Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and more take their Halloween costumes to the next level

October 31, 2022 3:36 p.m. EST
October 31, 2022 3:36 p.m. EST

When we were kids, Halloween was about candy, it was about ghouls and goblins, and it was about whining about how we always had to put a winter jacket over our amazing Halloween costumes (because, y’know, Canada).

But now, it’s less about consuming candy, and more about consuming with gusto what our fave celebs creatively devised for their annual Halloween costume posts. Instagram, don’t fail us now.

From Kimberly Kardashian’s full-bodied Mystique lewk (dang, Marvel, get Kim on the phone stat), to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s eyebrow-raising turns at Pam and Tommy, Hollywood made sure to turn this spooky season into a fashion moment. We are here for it. 

Kim K



Not only did the SKIMS founder absolutely nail her Mystique get-up (If this is X-Men, then X definitely marks the spot), but she also attended Tracee Ellis Ross’s party in full gear, despite it not being a costume party. This is the Kim we know and love.

Megan Fox and MGK




Yes, the miniseries Pam and Tommy was a mega-hit this year, and yes, Pamela Anderson will always be a Canadian icon. So at first glance, Jennifer’s Body star and her rocker fiance’s take on the iconic 90s couple might seem du jour. But fans were a bit thrown by the pic with his hand around her throat, and the caption, “But are these even costumes.” Because Tommy Lee was convicted of domestic abuse and spent 6 months in prison for assaulting the Baywatch star when they were married. Major side-eye, fam.







Leave it to Lizzo, arguably one of the sexiest performers out there, to remind us all about the joy of dressing up for the laughs and goofiness, just as we did as kids. The “Good As Hell” crooner went as Marge Simpson, and she is killing it.

Addison Rae



Lady Gaga’s iconic 2009 VMA performance of “Paparazzi,” with gushing blood and noose, didn’t seem Halloween-esque at the time, but social media star Addison Rae has now given us so much more to think about. 

Janelle Monae



The Hidden Figures star is in her ELEMENT (get it?),  because she got into full blue gear as the diva alien Diva Plavalaguna from the iconic 1997 sci-fi romp The Fifth Element.

Keke Palmer



Just a short time after fans were calling on the Nope star to play the iconic fairy tale heroine Rapunzel, Keke Palmer responded in

epic fashion.





The singer is known to “Level Up,” and that’s exactly what she did with her daughter Sienna by recreating Serena and Venus William’s legendary Got Milk campaign, braids, milk lips, and all. 

Kendall Jenner



Kendall, you have taken Jessie from Toy Story and added assless chaps. We stan a visionary. 

Frankie Jonas



The youngest bro in the Jonas clan should call the morgue because we’re pretty sure Joe Jonas is dead and gone after being owned so hard. Frankie and his gf Anna Olsen dressed up in the ultimate throwback - as Joe Jonas and ex-gf Taylor Swift. We honestly have no notes. 10/10. Would Halloween again. 

Kerry Washington



The Scandal actress dressed up as 80s icon Lionel Ritchie, and oh what a feeling, when she’s dancing on the ceiling. 


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