Justin Bieber co-created his own Timbit flavours and they actually sound really good

‘Timbiebs’ come in three exclusive new flavours.
November 10, 2021 10:30 a.m. EST
Courtesy of Tim Hortons Courtesy of Tim Hortons

This is what happens when two Canadian treasures team up.

Canadian pop superstar, Justin Bieber, is collaborating with Canada’s most Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons, on a project we did not see coming but are absolutely ready for. 

The collaboration—aptly named Timbiebs—consists of three new exclusive Timbits flavours and some Timbiebs swag (only available in Canada and the U.S. for a limited time starting November 29th). 

And the Timbits flavours sound, in a word, amazing. Timbiebs come in chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle. How do we even pick between them? (Trick question. They're Timbits; you don't.)

Justin initially teased the collaboration on November 8 to his 203 million Instagram followers, posting a Tim Horton's coffee cup on a table with various accessories and captioning it “working on something.” 

The original Instagram post included Justin’s Tim Hortons email address where fans could email in and receive an automatic message reading, “If you've made it here by now, you deserve to know that something special is brewing between me and Tims in Canada and the US. More to come…” 

“Doing a Tim Hortons collab has always been a dream of mine,” Bieber shared in a statement. “I grew up on Tim Hortons and it’s always been something close to my heart.” He added that his favourite snack on the Timmies menu is the classic Timbits, so this was a partnership match made in heaven.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Justin has never been one to shy away from showcasing his dedication to the Canadian coffee giant. He sparked quite a frenzy in 2019 when he called out the company for changing their classic lids, calling the new design a “damn outrage.” He added, " Tbh it shouldn't be plastic find a way to be recyclable let's change the world 1 lid at a time." He did, however, show some love for their holiday cups. 

Tim's chief marketing officer, Hope Bagozzi, shared that Bieber’s lifelong love for the brand made the collaboration more genuine and authentic for both parties. This partnership is also notable because Tim Hortons historically chooses to enlist NHL players over musicians (shout out to the 2019 Shawn Mendes cup collab). With Biebs, the company’s goal is to reach new customers who may be unfamiliar with Timbits Hockey and Tim Hortons to expand their reach to a new generation of consumers. 

Bagozzi shared, "It opens us up to a different audience and a different conversation beyond just hockey. Justin has wide appeal, but definitely does appeal to younger guests." Yup. One of the best-selling musicians of the moment having a brand partnership at any restaurant seems like a recipe for success.

We wonder how Sidney Crosby feels about all this. He doesn't have his own flavours, but at least he got to hang out with some cute kiddos recently. 

In 2021 alone, we have seen some major collabs between musicians and fast-food chains. BTS teamed up with McDonald’s for a Chicken McNugget meal combo (and proved to be a wild success for McDonald’s, with seeing a 12% spike in foot traffic during the first week of the meal’s run; Megan Thee Stallion partnered with Popeyes to create a Hottie sauce; and Shawn Mendes partnered with Chipotle for the Shawn Mendes bowl

Timbiebs will be available to taste-test starting November 29, 2021. 

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