Joan Collins has a bone to pick with Harry Styles over his Met Gala behaviour

The incident took place in 2019, and Joan has detailed it all in her new memoir
October 25, 2023 10:56 a.m. EST
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching soap operas, it’s that you don’t mess with Alexis Carrington! The fierce businesswoman from Dynasty played by the incomparable Joan Collins, is known to dish out a slap or two, and these days, she’s proving she’s still got that feisty attitude by dishing on her 2019 interaction with Harry Styles.

Reader, she was not happy with the Watermelon Sugar crooner.

In her new memoir, Behind the Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends, the Dynasty legend reveals that she encountered the As It Was singer at the 2019 Met Gala and his behaviour warranted a bit of a bollocking in the pages of her book.

In an excerpt published in the New York Post, Joan writes that the 2019 Met Gala crowd was super excited to see the iconic Cher perform on stage. “The sophisticated crowd went mad for her, standing up whooping and cheering,” she writes. “Bette Midler, wearing a top hat and tailcoat in glittery black sequins, came to our table and boogied with Julianne Moore. And I glimpsed Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes doing the same.”

She describes, “Cher left after her first number then came back wearing her original Bob Mackie-style sleek black embroidered bodysuit and a massive black curly wig to sing Believe.

It was at this moment the former One Directioner seized the opportunity to have an unobstructed view of the Turn Back Time icon.

“Harry Styles jumped on the table in front of us, obscuring our view, and took no notice of our entreaties to ‘get down, we can’t see,’“ Joan describes in her memoir

It turns out, there’s video footage to back up her claims. This short clip shows Cher performing Believe and Harry clapping along as he stands on a table.

Lucky for the Sign of the Times singer, he didn’t get one of Joan’s famous slaps across the face, because she had a whale of a time at the event.

“I loved my first Met Ball, and I would certainly go again in a heartbeat,” she writes in the passage. “Although at $30,000 a seat, I’ll wait to be invited!”

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