Everything you need to know about Canadian rock duo Crown Lands

5 facts you need to know about the band behind Canada’s FIFA World Cup rally anthem
December 1, 2022 12:00 a.m. EST

During the midst of the FIFA World Cup, there has beeo escaping an incredible cover of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together.” The gritty Canadian rally anthem is all thanks to the Canadian rock duo, Crown Lands, and we need to tell you everything there is to know about this group to keep your eyes on in the Canadian music scene. 

Oshawa Ontario Born

The rock duo formed in 2015 in Oshawa, Ontario at a band audition. The 2-member band comprises Cody Bowles, the band’s vocalist and drummer, and Kevin Comeau, the guitarist, bassist, and pianist. The rock group came from humble beginnings with both of the members working day jobs to sustain their love of music. While they were balancing their love of music and their busy lives, Crown Lands won a battle-of-the-bands competition hosted by 97.7 HTZ-FM called ‘Rocksearch.’

Once the duo won the competition, there was no stopping Bowles and Comeau, with Crown Lands being recognized at the 2021 Juno Awards and crowned the Breakthrough Group of the Year, and being nominated for Rock Album of the Year.  

They Are a Progressive Rock Group

Crown Lands have continued to forge their own path in the music industry today, but they are not shy of voicing their musical inspirations that help mold their unique true-rock sound.

While sitting down with Etalk, both Bowles and Comeau shared that their main musical influences are Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. If you were to mix all of those bands together and throw in an earthy-Canadian feel with a mix of inspiration from the Indigenous landscape, you’d get Crown Lands.

Crown Lands  style of rock is also infused with their interests in counter-culturalisms for the 21st century, their constant intrigue for ancient voices, social injustice, and love of science-fiction.

Have Performed “Come Together” for years before FIFA World Cup

We are loving their cover of “Come Together” by the Beatles for the FIFA World Cup, but did you know that was not their first time performing the legendary track?

Crown Lands initially sang the classic Beatles track for their friend’s wedding party and the musical sparks flew. Since then, the duo has performed the song at open mics across the GTA to the point where the song has become a staple in the band’s repertoire. 

When the group was asked to perform this song for the FIFA World Cup, the Oshawa band couldn’t be more excited to perform. Cody Bowles shared that he loves how the full-circle moment ‘came together’ for the group.

Touring with Greta Van Fleet & July Talk

Since the world has gotten a little more back to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has been touring with some major artists.

Crown Lands just finished touring alongside Greta Van Fleet during the October/November leg of the ‘Dreams in Gold’ North American tour. The tour was cut short due to the lead singer of Greta, Josh Kiszka, damaging his eardrum during one of the American tour dates.

Crown Lands shared with us that they learned a lot about musicianship during the tour and they were shocked at the band’s fan demographic since the majority of their fans were young music lovers. “Most of [Greta Van Fleet’s fans] were a generation younger than us,” Kevin Comeau shared with Etalk. “[Long-form rock music] is not something you’d really expect these kids to be listening to. It was eye-opening.”

During the new year, Crown Lands is set to be performing alongside July Talk on their 2023 Canadian tour.

They Aim to be a Voice for Indigenous & 2-Spirit Community

Crown Lands aims to be a voice for the Indigenous Two Spirit community. The lead singer, Cody Bowles, is half Mi’kmaq and identifies as Two Spirit, so the group wants to give a voice to the community they’re a part of.

“It’s very nuanced to navigate since there are so many different Indigenous people and different tribes,” Bowles begins. “Talking about the broader issues helps cover the same struggles. You can cover that in a song that covers something like coming together as indigenous people to rise up and unify and create a brighter future for all indigenous people. We’re all in this together.”

The term ‘crown lands’ represents the land that is owned by the federal or provincial government, and the band shared with Etalk that they chose that name as a subtle nod to the Indigenous community.

The meaning behind their hit song “White Buffalo” is to highlight the strength and unity within the Indigenous community. It was also the third installment in the band’s musical trilogy to highlight Indigenous rights. The track uses symbolism to instill the ideology of manifestation, and the song overall acts as an anthem to overcome oppression and rising up as a group to reclaim one’s land.

“That’s literal my job in Crown Lands: elevate an Indigenous voice with Cody,” Kevin Comeau shared.

Be sure to listen to Crown Lands Canadian FIFA World Cup rally anthem “Come Together” and make sure to tune in to the FIFA World Cup on CTV.ca and TSN. 

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