Drew Barrymore and Justin Long rekindle their friendship online

The exes are keeping things friendly in the comments section.
March 30, 2020 12:27 p.m. EST
March 30, 2020 5:05 p.m. EST
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long starred in two of our favourite rom coms of the 2000s and formed one of the most likeable lowkey couples at the time. Now it appears that the friendly exes could be rekindling…something. Romance? Friendship? Casual acquaintanceship? At this point, we’re celebrating any and all positive news.Barrymore and Long met in 2008 while filming He’s Just Not That Into You and began a two-year relationship. The couple reunited on-screen the next year for Going The Distance, which co-starred Barrymore and Long as a couple who try to make their relationship work while living on opposite sides of the country.It also starred Jason Sudeikis, Christian Applegate and Jim Gaffigan and is one of the best movies made on long-distance love (IMHO). In 2010, the couple attended the Golden Globes together when Drew won for her work in Grey Gardens, but split for good soon after. Now it looks like the exes are on friendly terms. Maybe more than friendly? A decade later and we continue to ship these two lovable actors.On Sunday, Paper Magazine shared a gallery the Jeepers Creepers actor as part of a Justin Long appreciation post. In comments captured by the Instagram page Comments By Celebs, Barrymore comments on the pictures, writing "Your [sic] not wrong! He's great." Long quickly jumped into the conversation, replying to Barrymore and writing “Ah what do YOU know?! I feel like I'm on an episode of This Is Your Life #HipMillenialReference texting you a great photo booth pic I just found during my quarantine clean!"
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Love to see it. #CommentsByCelebs

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This isn’t the first time the former couple have given fans reason to believe they could reunite off-screen once again. In 2018, E News reported that Barrymore and Long were once again spending time together after Barrymore had split from ex-husband Will Kopelman and Long had split from girlfriend Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES. A source close to the exes said that Barrymore has a ‘fondness’ for Long and “he's always been in her life even if they weren't a couple."On a 2019 episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Long talked about spending time in Michigan in 2008 when he and his famous girlfriend were both filming movies. Long did not name Barrymore in the interview, but the actor was in the state at the time filming her 2009 movie Whip It.“It was at a time in my life when things started to get weird in terms of people recognizing me,” said Long, who admitted he disliked the attention because of the impact it had on his girlfriend. “I wanted that gone. I hated what it did to her. First of all, just the threat of these f**king guys following her and speeding through red lights. This person that I cared so much about, I was protective. I hated them and any of the by-product of that.”[video_embed id='1838092']RELATED: The sparks didn’t fly when Kristen Bell met Dax Shepard[/video_embed]Barrymore appears to be single following her 2016 divorce. In a 2019 Valentine’s Day post, Barrymore said she was celebrating her love of her children, including daughters Frankie and Olive, and her friends. “I’m single and have not been able to successfully date for almost four years,” writes Barrymore. Maybe it’s time for Long and Barrymore to finally go the distance.
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I am not totally sure what Valentine’s Day is supposed to feel like. But when I walked in my trailer today at work and saw that my friend @joyseaboch had put this on my mirror, I knew. I know this... I love my friends. I love my children first of course, but this day is just about love period. And if you don’t have it with a romantic partner (I’m single and have not been able to successfully date for almost four years so what do I know you ask?) I believe with all my heart in the human heart. There are just good days and bad days. Really difficult- test your will to live days. And days where you feel so alive your skin tingles and your smile might just rip your face apart until it floats right up into heaven and you want skywrite about how goddamn happy you are!!!!! But the constant love usually has been my kids and my friends. A type of love that does not require a romantic partnership and navigation. And if you want to read the best thing I have seen in a long ass time about a relationship on love, than read @elainewelteroth Instagram page today. It blew me away. And when I am ready for love I am gonna remember what she said! I have fought my way to a deeper happiness on my own, and i love being independent! It just rules. I am also lucky enough to have two young amazing kids and a full time job, and rad friends. So I’m not sitting around bummed out. I feel stupid grateful. But I’m still a romantic at heart. As for today, don’t waste the day being sad about what you don’t have! Be happy about what you do have. It’s there. I promise.

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