Dan Levy will match your donations to U of A's faculty of Native Studies

There is nothing that's 'ew David' about this level of generosity.
November 16, 2020 4:16 p.m. EST
November 18, 2020 11:32 a.m. EST
Dan Levy dived into his free time during the COVID-19 lockdown by learning about Indigenous history and issues at the University of Alberta through a free 13-week online course, and that is the type of energy we love to see in 2020.The Canadian actor, who signed up for the online course in August, posted a video to Twitter on Sunday, wearing his U of A Native Studies sweatshirt and praising the course while encouraging his followers to send donations to the university's faculty of Native Studies. "The faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta is the only faculty of Native Studies in North America," Levy said. "We just finished week 13 of the Indigenous Canada course, and I am urging all of you to donate, if you can, to the faculty."The Schitt's Creek star said that he would match his fans "dollar for dollar up to $25, 000," adding that it's a lot of money they can raise together for "an incredibly deserving faculty." He also included the link to the Indigenous Canada course in his tweet, including the faculty's online donation page. Fans of the 37-year-old actor shared screenshots of their online donation after Levy announced his pledge to match them. [video_embed id='2044529']RELATED: Dan Levy is taking a course on Indigenous studies – and so are thousands of his fans[/video_embed]Levy shared a video on social media in mid-August, asking his fans to "come learn with me?" He explained that he signed up for the free course that includes 12 lessons that "explore Indigenous histories and contemporary issues from an Indigenous perspective." In the video, he said, "I thought if I am going to sign up and learn, maybe some other people would want to join me, and we could do this as a group." Levy said that he would work with the professors who run the course, including Dr. Tracy Bear, to host discussions and Q&As every week."We could better understand and delve deeper into the curriculum,” Levy explained. “Because if you’re anything like me, I was not a good student, I need kind of group support, and I thought this would be a really great way of doing that.” He told his fans how to sign up for the course and added, “If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to actively re-learn history — history that wasn’t taught to us in school — to better understand and contextualize our lives and how we can better support and be of service to each other." The official Twitter account for the University of Alberta thanked Levy for encouraging his followers to sign up for the course. "We're so happy that you're taking this course and sharing your excitement for it with others," their tweet read.According to the University of Alberta's website, the Indigenous Canada course covers topics including the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, political conflicts and alliances, contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions, and much more. The university's Faculty of Native Studies was established in 1972 and offers many courses like Indigenous Governance and Partnership Capstone, Indigenous Treaties and Agreements, Native Oral Traditions and Indigenous Knowledge and The Métis: The Emergence of a People.When we thought we couldn't love Dan Levy anymore than we already do, he turns the impossible into possible.[video_embed id='2030335']BEFORE YOU GO: Cat attempts daily hilarious attack on mail carrier[/video_embed]

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