Dakota Johnson used a stick-and-poke kit to give Olivia Colman her first tattoo

Hands up if you would also let Dakota Johnson give you a stick-and-poke after a party.
December 2, 2021 9:36 a.m. EST
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Dakota Johnson and Olivia Colman’s friendship is so solid, they even have the ink to prove it. Or at least, Colman does, since she recently let the Fifty Shades star mark her with her very first tattoo.

In a profile for Town & Country magazine, Johnson revealed she used her stick-and-poke kit to ink her co-star after an October dance party to celebrate the New York Film Festival premiere of their Maggie Gyllenhaal-directed film, The Lost Daughter.

“It was a lot of Talking Heads, the Cranberries. The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you can go to a party, you f---ing rage,” Johnson told the publication about life in general post-COVID, explaining why things maybe got a bit wild at this particular event.

Colman has a slightly different take on her newly-acquired piece of body art. “Maybe it was me being completely seduced by this gorgeous person and wanting her to think I was cool,” the 47-year-old also told the publication. “Or maybe it was my midlife crisis.”

The publication didn’t report where Colman decided to get the tattoo or what it actually is, but it sounds like the bonding moment was just one of several for the co-stars following a positive filming experience.

“We just had such fun,” Colman added. “It’s often the case that if a film is about stuff that’s quite hard, you end up laughing a lot.”

For those who haven’t read Elena Ferrante’s novel on which the film is based, the story revolves around a literature professor and mother of two grown daughters who takes a vacation to Greece. There, she meets a family and a young mother who reminds her of her own complicated journey with motherhood. Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Mescal and Jessie Buckley also star.

With all that tough subject matter, it was Gyllenhaal’s idea to turn their premiere celebration into a dance party.

According to Johnson, production had offered to pay for a cast dinner party after the film’s previous premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado earlier this year. But then writer-director Gyllenhaal suggested a dance party for the occasion instead, and the tradition stuck for subsequent premieres.

It makes sense, especially considering the entire film was shot at the height of the pandemic on a remote Grecian island—the team was probably itching to let loose.

It’s probably also zero surprise to anyone who has followed Johnson’s career (or her tea-spilling press tour for this film) that she can also add tattoo artist to her resume. After all, she’s already got credit as a music video director, a sex-toy company investor, and a podcast producer who provides a space for women to tell their stories of sexual abuse.  

If anything, this new tattoo thing may just become another side hustle. Or at least a post-dance-party ritual.

Meanwhile, if you want to catch Johnson and Colman’s tattoo-inspiring chemistry together onscreen, look for The Lost Daughter in theatres December 17 or on Netflix beginning December 31.

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