Adele does double duty as the first cover star to appear on two editions of ‘Vogue’

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October 7, 2021 3:36 p.m. EST
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The phrases “OMFG” and “I can’t even” were invented for moments like this one. After dropping the tiniest teaser about her first new music in six years Adele has just made our jaws drop even further by becoming the first person to appear on the covers of both American and British Vogue simultaneously. We’ll say it again: OMFG.

The popstar shared both covers on her Instagram today. The first, for the American edition of the magazine, features Adele in a stunning emerald gown and was shot by the same photographer who did the cover for her album ‘25.’

“The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which was still under construction at the time, let us use their incredible rooftop and grounds to shoot me dressed up and looking rather fancy if I do say so myself!” she captioned the image. “A little bit of Tottenham in Hollywood’s Museum! Oi Oi!”

Adele then directed a personal message to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, writing “Anna, I remember the first time we met when I was 20 and you dressed me for my first ever Grammys with Barbara Tfank. Thank you to you and thank you to Edward for letting me be a part of this Vogue moment all these years later.”

And what a moment it is...

Not to be outdone, British Vogue debuted its own glorious Adele cover which the singer also shared on social media. “Imagine four larger-than-life Brits Tasmanian deviling around Milk Studios in Manhattan all under the watchful eagle eye of the myth, the legend, the most iconic and hilarious Steven Meisel! We caused havoc,” she wrote.

In the cover story for the magazine’s American edition, Adele opens up about a range of topics including motherhood, her recent divorce, her return to the spotlight with a new album, and her much-discussed weight loss. “My body’s been objectified my entire career,” she said. “It’s not just now. I understand why it’s a shock. I understand why some women especially were hurt. Visually I represented a lot of women. But I’m still the same person,” she explained. “The most brutal conversations were being had by other women about my body. I was very f---ing disappointed with that. That hurt my feelings.”

The interviews mark the first time Adele has sat down to speak with the press in five years and she pointedly took aim at the media coverage of her weight loss in both magazines. “People are shocked because I didn’t share my ‘journey’” she told British Vogue. “They’re used to people documenting everything on Instagram. I did it for myself and not anyone else. So why would I ever share it? I don’t find it fascinating. It’s my body.”

Naturally, she also dropped a few hints about what fans can expect from the long-awaited upcoming album, including a lot of introspection and a song written especially for her son. “I feel like this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and then sort of self-redemption,” she said. “But I feel ready. I really want people to hear my side of the story this time.”

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