Danielle Fishel and Sabrina Carpenter had an emotional reunion at the Mexico City stop on the Eras Tour

The former ‘Girl Meets World’ co-stars have forged a long-lasting friendship
August 29, 2023 11:21 a.m. EST
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Sabrina Carpenter has built her career as a double threat, with her ability to act and sing like it’s no one’s business. She even got a coveted spot as the opener for Taylor Swift’s legendary Eras Tour. And even though she has been in the business since a young age, she has never forgotten those who lifted her up along the way. Case in point: her long-standing friendship with Danielle Fishel.


Danielle, who played Topanga on the 90s cult sitcom “Boy Meets World,” co-starred with a young Sabrina on the 2014 spinoff “Girl Meets World” and the two have maintained their friendship despite their age gap. So much so that last night, when Sabrina took the stage at the Mexico City stop on Taylor’s tour, Danielle was in the audience and recorded herself welling up with tears.


We’re not crying. You’re crying. (We lie, we’re totally crying).



Posting to her official Instagram Stories (watch them before they expire) Danielle specifically flew to Mexico City just to see her former co-star and bestie take the stage. Recording the moment Sabrina grabs the mic and hits the ground running, Danielle turns the camera on herself so we can see her well up with tears. The text overlay on the video reads, “I naturally immediately burst into tears when the show starts.”



Later, when Taylor was on stage singing “Shake It Off,” Danielle and Sabrina reunited in the audience to sing together and embrace.



This isn’t the first time the former co-stars have reunited since “Girl Meets World” ended in 2017. In 2018, Billboard reported that Sabrina attended Danielle’s wedding to now-hubby Jensen Karp. She wasn’t just in attendance, she was one of the bridesmaids! Posting a picture from that day in her wedding gown and Sabrina by her side, Danielle wrote on Instagram, “Best friends to support you, encourage you, help you gain perspective. These are our people who stood by us that day, our bridal party, and will stand with us for the rest of our lives.”



The following year in 2019, Deadline reported that the besties were teaming up to produce a movie called “The Distance From Me to You,” based off of a young adult novel written by Marina Gessner. Sabrina not only co-produced but was also tapped to star in the flick. As of right now, the movie is still in pre-production.



We are loving their ongoing friendship. They are #friendshipgoals.


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