All the things you didn’t see at the Oscars (and Oscar after parties) last night

Won’t somebody let Lydia Tár into the Oscars, please?!
March 13, 2023 3:25 p.m. EST
March 13, 2023 3:25 p.m. EST

Whew! That was quite the Oscars! Everything Everywhere All At Once basically won everything everywhere all at once. Canada’s own Brendan Fraser, Sarah Polley, and director Daniel Roher cleaned up nicely with their well-earned trophies. There were a few slap jokes, Lady Gaga took off all her makeup, and Jimmy Kimmel asked Malala, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who literally took a bullet to her head from the Taliban, what she thinks about Harry Styles. So yeah. That happened. 


You probably watched it all: from Hugh Grant giving that *cringe* interview with Ashely Graham on the red (sorry, *champagne*) carpet, to Hugh Grant calling himself a scrotum on stage (he’s not wrong). But we’ve got the goods on everything you didn’t see during the ceremony or champagne carpet. There’s behind-the-scenes footage, international reactions, and Lydia Tár. The real one. And she’s not happy.


Before the ceremony even began, celebs and their makeup artists were posting to social media their pre-show lewks, and the excitement could not die down after that.


This was Florence Pugh’s sneak peek via her makeup artist, and it’s giving Veronica Lake.



And then she had a massive gush-fest on the arrival carpet with EEAAO star Stephanie Hsu.



Elizabeth Olsen had a similar BTS Insta-vid with her hairstylist pre-show.



As did last year’s Best Actress winner Jessica Chastain, who always brings the Old Hollywood Glamour to everything she does



James Hong, the man, the myth, the legend, arrived with the EEAAO googly eyes on his bowtie and vogued for the camera. Honestly, 10 out of 10. No notes.



Red carpets (or, in this case, the *champagne* carpet) can be a bit of a media scrum and rather hectic. Rock goddess Lady Gaga was only announced as a performer at last night’s Oscars the day of, so naturally, the photogs went wild as she walked in, leaving one to completely tumble head over heels.



The “Hold My Hand” songstress ran to his side to help him up and make sure he was okay. Just like last year with Liza Minnelli, Gaga always has “gotchu.”


Here’s another angle showing just how quickly Mama Monster flew into action.



Later, during the first commercial break, fans filmed Gaga going over to say hello to future Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh.



Speaking of the first Asian actress to ever win the Best Actress trophy, and only the second Woman of Colour to receive it, Michelle Yeoh’s home country of Malaysia held a massive viewing party for her in Kuala Lumpur, and her mother was present. If you remember, Michelle gave a shout out to the crowd in KL and her mother during her acceptance speech, and it looks like Mama Yeoh was screaming with joy the moment her daughter’s name was called.



And then there was Lydia Tár. Not the movie starring Cate Blanchette, but the actual conductor, who was supposed to be there in the Dolby Theater, but wasn’t! She has been critical of her portrayal in the film, so she wasn’t invited alongside the filmmakers, but instead she was supposed to be reporting live alongside American outlet Slate. 


As her Twitter feed reveals, that went up in flames really quickly when she was inexplicably denied entry due to concerns from the Crisis Team (which was set up in the wake of the Will Smith-Chris Rock altercation last year). 







Every year, the In Memoriam section of the Oscars always causes a little stir. This year, with so much diversity and recognition of talent and the righting of past wrongs, it felt especially wounding to many people that one special person who made Oscars history was left out of the moving section introduced by an emotional John Travolta and scored by Lenny Kravitz.


Sacheen Littlefeather made shockwaves at the 1973 Oscars when she refused to accept the Oscar on  Marlon Brando’s behalf due to the racist portrayal of First Nations and Indigenous peoples in film. It took the Academy a full 50 years to apologize for her treatment at the ceremony that night (which included boo’s, and physical threats from John Wayne and other actors). 


A few weeks after that apology, Littlefeather passed away, but her name was conspicuously absent, leaving many to remark that her mistreatment continues even in death.





But there was a lot of joy as well. Weren’t we all jumping for joy when Jamie Lee Curtis won her Oscar? She’s just a bundle of energy and we love this for our True Lies/Freaky Friday/Halloween scream queen. In the media room after her win, she perhaps was a bit extra with the Hungarian media (she shares Hungarian heritage) and had to ask the media not to cancel her for mouthing off. This is the most Jamie Lee that Jamie Lee has ever been and we are here for it.



At the Vanity Fair after party, Andrew Garfield shared a big hug with Toronto’s own Shawn Mendes.



Alas, Andrew wasn’t reunited with his red carpet crush, Amelia Dimoldenberg, but maybe they shared a hug (and a room) afterwards? LET US DREAM HERE, PEOPLE. 


Besides, Amelia was seen awkwardly flirting with Sabrina Carpenter as they talked about In n’ Out Burger.



And speaking of women supporting women, Florence Pugh joined in the photographer’s calls to Michelle Yeoh to “hold it up” when it came to her Oscar trophy.



Florence Pugh for 2024 Oscar host, start the petition now, folks. 


The Vanity Fair party also raised a few eyebrows, as it is wont to do. Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine showed up with wife Behati Prinsloo and he was literally all over her. Normally we’d say that’s super cute to see, but considering the inappropriate texting scandal he’s been caught up in recently, this is their first red carpet appearance since the drama. And he’s laying it on thick. 



Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox also made her first official appearance since her Instagram page caused a Machine Gun Kelly rampage of rumours. Did he cheat? Is their engagement over? Why did she delete all of their pics together? Let her newly-dyed auburn hair and bustier-style gown do the talking. 



Meanwhile, as bullying rumours surround Hailey Bieber in the recent resurfacing of videos that show her and the Jenner sisters behaving cruelly toward Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber quietly slipped into the Vanity Fair party with a blanket draped over his shoulders. His wife walked the carpet with Kendall and Kylie, however.




The night of appearances was capped off with a major win, as Megan Thee Stallion made her first 2023 appearance since winning her case against Tory Lanez, who was convicted of shooting her in the foot back in December.


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