These are Noah Centineo's favourite spots in Montreal

The heartthrob gushes about Montreal and breaks down his favourite hotspots in the city.
January 4, 2023 11:45 a.m. EST
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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star Noah Centineo is making career moves, and has started branching out in action movies like Black Adam and the Netflix CIA series The Recruit. In fact, he filmed The Recruit for six months in none other than Montreal, and he cannot stop gushing about it, even calling out his specific Montreal recos.

Speaking with Complex, the Sierra Burgess is a Loser star joked, “Hell yeah we got winter” as he spoke about spending October-March in perhaps one of the coldest (but friendliest) cities in eastern Canada.

“It was so cold,” he told the outlet, adding that he even went to a Montreal Canadiens hockey game whilst in town, which he loved.

“What I loved is that the city of Montreal puts on these festivals during winter that you can just go to and walk around for free,” he gushed. “And it was so special. You know, living in a cold place, it can really be isolating when it’s that cold, it can be really depressing and you’re just kind of locked inside. And the city was so great. The people were so wonderful.”

He continued, speaking about how Montrealers, and Canadians in general, had a different vibe from the rest of the world that he really appreciated.

“It’s cool to walk around a city I’ve never been to and feel like the people around me are friends,” he explained. “They’re nice people that know me and smile, and are polite and kind, willing to give me recommendations on where to get dinner and where to go have good coffee. It’s just great. It’s lovely.”

Of course, he had to dish on his favourite Montreal hangouts. 

“I was at the Old Port a lot. Went up to Mile End a few times. Also did Bota Bota the spa. It was fantastic,” he revealed.

Okay, but did he get bagels from Saint-Viateur and nosh at Dépanneur Le Pick-Up or not? We demand answers!

In fact, he went ahead and answered those questions when speaking with MTLBlog about his time filming the Netflix series.

“I went to Joe Beef once. It was good,” he said before adding that he went to another place that was “f***ing amazing” but he couldn’t remember the name of the place (MTLBlog suspects it’s the restaurant Grinder on Notre-Dame Ouest). 

He also told the blog that he didn’t exactly brush up on his Montreal or Canadian history before arriving because he had no idea the city was francophone. Hoo boy, he was in for a schooling!

“I didn't realize it was so French,” he admitted. “I didn't know that. In fact, many people in certain places in the city didn't want to speak English. That was cool. I love that.”

After discussing what he learned about Québécois culture (the joual accent, and the faux-pas of comparing Québécois French to Parisian French), he revealed that leaving la belle province was an emotional moment, and the entire crew of The Recruit were gutted to leave.

“We really created such a family with our crew in Montreal. When we wrapped the show, people were crying. It was a really, really incredible experience.”

Come back anytime! Vous serez toujours la bienvenue!

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