Meghan Trainor is expecting baby number 2

She’s been hiding her baby bump for months!
January 30, 2023 11:59 a.m. EST

“All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor is confirming that yes, she is pregnant with baby number two, a month after hinting that it would be her dream to get pregnant again in 2023.


“BABY #2 COMING THIS SUMMER,” she captioned a January 30 Instagram post that includes a picture of her posing with her sonogram. The comments section is loaded with fellow celebs, including Nicky Hilton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jessie Reyez, and fans alike congratulating her happy news.




"What a blessing," she told People.  "I'm just so grateful I can get pregnant. And I'm like, 'I'm crushing it. This is amazing. This is my dreams.' I'm halfway there — I want four kids!"


The happy news comes about a month after Meghan said her New Year's resolution for 2023 was to be pregnant again. Considering that she is actually four months pregnant, that interview last month was A MAJOR HINT!!


She explained in her interview with People how she kept the happy news hidden for so long, and it turns out, her hit song “Made You Look” was kind of a spoiler alert.


"Hoodies, babe! I wrote a smash that says, 'Even with me hoodie on...'" she explained, referencing the lyrics to the hit song. "I only wear hoodies. And everyone's like, 'You're not even showing, you're so small.' I'm like, 'Well, you can't see me!' For real."


Married to Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, Meghan already has a son Riley, and she revealed to the outlet how they are explaining the news to their young toddler.


"We try to tell him, 'There's a baby in the belly,' but then he points to his belly now and is like, 'Baby.' And we're like, 'Oh no, it's not in yours — it's in Mama's belly!'" 



Meghan revealed in 2021 after the birth of Riley that he was a breech birth (where the head of the baby doesn’t turn downward toward the birthing canal) and had to be delivered by C-section. About 1 out of 25 full-term births are breech. 


Now, she has talked about what her pregnancy thus far has been like, and it seemed to be noticeably different from her first pregnancy.

"It's like a real pregnancy. The first one was like make-believe. I had no symptoms with Riley to the point where I was like, 'We need to go to the doctor. There's nothing in me.' I got my symptoms late in my pregnancy with Riley," she told the outlet.


 "I got them right away with this baby. I got red perioral dermatitis all over my face — so that's been fun with makeup — and popped early and was very nauseous. I was sick, my boobies were aching. This one was a ride. It was a rocky ride, but luckily it was during the holidays, so I could just chill and lay down. I pee every 20 minutes, and I'm fully out of breath just from talking. It's great."


"I didn't feel extra hungry with Riley. This time I'm like, 'I need a pickle.' Even if I'm having chocolate or sweets, it needs to be followed with a pickle. It's weird, but it's great," she added. "I'll eat a whole meal, and then I'll be like, 'I could keep going.'"


This news comes on the heels of Meghan dropping the Kim Petras remix of “Made You Look,” that is tearing up TikTok.



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