Chrissy Teigen gives fans a close up of newborn baby Esti amid Quebecois' reactions to the name

In Quebecois French, that name means something else entirely
January 25, 2023 11:33 a.m. EST

Model Chrissy Teigen and R&B crooner John Legend shared the exciting news that they welcomed their third child, a daughter named Esti Maxine, on January 13th. On Tuesday, Chrissy gave a first glimpse at her little bundle of joy, posting her cute little face on Instagram, captioning the sweet pic, “Look at u out here lookin like a baby.”


Fans and friends quickly congratulated Chrissy on her adorable new arrival. Hubby John commented, "My little Esti." Other celebrities joined in the chorus of joy, with Kris Jenner gushing, "Soooo beautiful just like her mama," and Rumer Willis exclaiming, "Omg so beautiful."



However, if you happen to be from la belle province, Quebec, you might have had a different reaction to the name Esti. As we all know, Quebecois swear words are deeply rooted in the province’s Catholic history. Many of those cusses swear on the tabernacle, or on the chalice. Similarly, one of the most popular Quebec cusses is – you guessed it – “Esti.” It directly translates to the “host” used in Catholic services, and is sometimes spelled “Ostie.” In any case, it is considered profanity, so when Chrissy and John announced their daughter’s name, Quebec Twitter TURNED UP.



Frankly, all of this could have been avoided if Chrissy and John had just consulted with Celine Dion ahead of time, as is required by Canadian law (we kid … sorta). 


Despite the Canadian controversy, Chrissy and John are celebrating the healthy birth of their daughter after suffering a devastating pregnancy loss in 2020 when they lost a son they had already named Jack at 20 weeks gestation. 


In August 2022, Chrissy announced on IG that the couple was again expecting. "[T]he last few years have been a blur of emotions to say the least, but joy has filled our home and hearts again," she wrote, alongside a shot of her baby bump. 


"I don't think I'll ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful and I'm feeling hopeful and amazing."




After welcoming healthy Esti into the world, John gave a private concert and told the audience they welcomed "the little baby this morning.” He called it a "blessed day" and joked that he didn't get much sleep the night before. 


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