Everything you need to know about ‘NOPE’ star Brandon Perea

Here’s 5 facts about the breakout star of the highly anticipated horror film
July 22, 2022 4:24 p.m. EST

If the iconic Jordan Peele re-writes a script for you, we know you’re going to be big. Brandon Perea is the up-and-coming actor getting his big break playing Angel Torres in the most highly anticipated horror film of the year ‘NOPE.’

The film has already received rave reviews from critics, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it 90%. Since Jordan Peele stated at the world premiere of the film that, “if you don’t know [Brandon’s] name yet, you will,” we think it’s only fair to give you a heads up on Hollywood’s next “It Boy.”

1. You may recognize him from a Netflix show

The ‘NOPE’ star made his Netflix debut in 2016 in the show OA. The mystery series focused on science fiction and the supernatural. The show lasted for 2 seasons, but it definitely caused waves on the streaming platform.

2. He’s originally from Chicago

Perea is a Chicago native, but he left the 3rd most populous city in the USA at 16 years old to follow his acting dreams in Los Angeles, California. We think it’s safe to say that it paid off.

3. He was the youngest professional Jam skater at 13-years old

At a young age, Brandon Perea combined his love for break dancing and roller skating by getting into Jam skating. Jam skating is a fusion of roller skating, dance, and gymnastics, so you can imagine how impressive that is. To add even more to his resume, Brandon became the youngest professional Jam skater in history at the age of 13.

4. He is set to star in an upcoming boxing movie

Not only can this man act, but he can also throw a punch. Perea is set to star in the upcoming drama ‘The Faith of Long Beach’ alongside Common. The film will be directed by Eric Amadio and we know it will be a great action-packed drama. Brandon will play a character named Romy who is a streetfighter that has to choose between his life as he knows it and becoming a professional boxer.

5. Sorry everyone… he’s taken

Though this Gemini actor seems like a complete dream, Brandon Perea is taken by the one and only BKLYNN. They are a singer and co-founder of Out of Pocket Project, which is a multi-media company that helps artists’ visions come to life. We can already see how much of a power couple these two are.

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