Jamie Lee Curtis officiated her daughter Ruby's cosplay wedding

Ruby shared that she came out to her famous mom as transgender in 2020
May 31, 2022 4:12 p.m. EST
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Scream Queen and iconic Final Girl Jamie Lee Curtis took on the role of a lifetime over the weekend when she officiated, in full cosplay regalia, the wedding of her daughter Ruby Guest to her partner Kynthia.

Taking place right in her backyard, the True Lies star couldn’t help but gush about the happy day on her official Instagram, where she posted the cute pun, “WIFE IS SWEET!” adding, “Ruby and Kynthia, 5/29/2022.

The cosplay on display was a World of Warcraft theme, and from the other IG posts that the Freaky Friday star shared, it would seem the guests also donned their most colourful and vibrant outfits for the occasion. 

Of course, Jamie being the star of Halloween and Perfect, what ended the day on an absolutely *perfect* note was JLC's final pic where she's brandishing a carving knife with a sly look on her face.

“YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!” she captioned the post “The ONLY thing left over at the end of this entire BEAUTIFUL wedding, after everything was taken away was this f***ing BUTCHER KNIFE they cut the tiramisu wedding cake with! WIFE IS SWEET!”

She then capped off the post with a tag for her upcoming movie Halloween Ends.

Ruby was adopted by Jamie and her husband Christopher Guest in 1996, and told People last year that she privately came out to her parents in 2020 as transgender, calling the conversation "scary" — but added she "wasn't worried ... they had been so accepting of me my entire life."

In July 2021, Jamie and Ruby announced the news to the world in an AARP interview, and that was also where the Knives Out star revealed that Ruby and Kynthia were due to be married in 2022 with Jamie as officiant. 

Jamie spoke more about the plans back in March when she appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she spoke about the World of Warcraft theme. “Ruby and Kynthia picked my costume which — her name is Jaina Proudmoore. It’s from … it’s a game. She’s an admiral,” she told the host.

"We're gonna have a beautiful picnic in the backyard. I'm really excited. Both my children will have been married in my backyard, which brings me to tears."

"It's so much more meaningful," she continued. "Just forgetting all of show-off business — being a parent, having both of your children married in your backyard."

Jamie has been very supportive of Ruby’s transition, writing a full-length ode to her daughter on Instagram for her birthday in March.

“Today is the birthday of my trans daughter,” she wrote in the caption. “I am proud and grateful to be the parent of a trans child and am sending support to all of the trans families across the US who are being targeted in this moment by conservative legislatures.” She ended her caption with the hashtag, “ProtectTransKids.”

Ruby revealed to AARP last year that coming out as trans to her partner Kynthia was also hugely nerve-wracking for her, saying at the time that when she "told the person who is now my fiancé that I am probably trans … they said, 'I love you for who you are.'"

Her People interview also revealed the reasons why she wanted to come out to the public, seeing as how Ruby tends to avoid the spotlight of her famous mom and keeps a very low profile compared to some Hollywood kids. She told the outlet that if publicly coming out as trans can "help others," she's "happy to be more visible." 

"[The public] finally get[s] to see who I've always been ... inside, but now I finally get to show it on the outside," she said.


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