Doja Cat announces she's quitting music after incident in Paraguay

She even changed her Twitter handle to 'I Quit.'
March 25, 2022 5:16 p.m. EST
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It’s one thing when fans are angry at their favourite musician, but it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame when Twitter fans are angry. “Kiss Me More” singer Doja Cat found that out over the last 24 hours when an onslaught of angry Twitter fans based in Paraguay besieged her on the social media platform, angry that she didn’t show any love to her Paraguay fans after canceling a concert there.

Now, the “Say So” hitmaker is definitely saying her piece, tweeting that she’s quitting music for good, and even changed her Twitter handle to “I quit.”

“This s**t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care,” she tweeted early Friday morning.

An hour earlier, she went on a bit of longer, expletive-filled Twitter rant, writing, “It’s gone and i don’t give a f**k anymore i f**kin quit i can’t wait to f**king disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore.”

"Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a f**king fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a f**king nightmare unfollow me. This s**t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care."

A little backstory: it all began on March 22 as DC (real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) was set to play a concert when a major storm hit the nation, causing flooding and damage. You might recall that Miley Cyrus was also affected by this storm – her plane was even struck by lightning, forcing her aircraft to make an emergency landing. Honestly, incredible tempests and gale-force winds are a good enough reason to cancel a concert.

But when DC then proceeded to her next scheduled show in Brazil, without acknowledging or thanking her Paraguayan fans after the storm, they got angry. 

One fan, who goes by the name alejandro, tweeted an entire threat slamming the “Streets” singer for not coming out of her hotel to greet fans or making sure they were okay after the storm. 

When fans flooded Doja Cat’s mentions, DC did not exactly bow down or beg forgiveness. Instead she tweeted, “I’m not sorry,” adding, “i moved on i’m just gonna let everybody be mad.”

She also added, “i’m not taking pictures again with anybody else after this tour.”

She also deleted a few tweets and replies to her angry fans (but of course, the fans got receipts). In one now-deleted tweet, she claimed there were zero fans waiting for her outside her hotel room, something which aforementioned user took issue with.

The pile-on caused DC to state she’s done with music forever, and now ride-or-die fans are lashing out at those who slammed Doja for what they’re calling behaviour that amounts to “entitlement.”

There have even been some instances of racial slurs directed at the star.

It’s difficult to say at this early stage in the game whether Doja Cat will actually make good on her threats and leave the music industry altogether, but as TMZ points out, she does have a whole tour booked with none other than The Weeknd this year, so we’re hoping she sticks around long enough to at least fulfill that commitment.

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