Our top Pamela Anderson moments of all time

Remember the 2006 Juno Awards? We do.
February 4, 2022 2:42 p.m. EST
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In honour of Pam & Tommy dropping on Disney+ this week, it’s only fitting that we take a look at some of our best moments with Canadian treasure, Pamela Anderson. Etalk has been right there for some of Pam's biggest moments and we're opening up the vault to take a ride down memory lane. Check out Etalk's best throwbacks with the star in the video above and see our particular favourites below. 

2006 Juno Awards

A grand entrance is always essential; Anderson showed how to captivate the cameras and fans as her luxurious limo arrives at the award show. On the red carpet, Anderson stunned, making business casual anything but lowkey.

Advocate for human, environmental, and animal rights

Along with being an actress, producer, and author, she is also an activist. Anderson involves herself in political issues, works on humanitarian projects, and alongside activist groups like PETA to help vulnerable people and animals.


If you know Anderson from anywhere, it’s probably from the popular ’80s and 90’s show Baywatch. Starring alongside David Hasselhoff, her iconic red bathing suit is engraved in our minds.


Gracing the cover of the famous men’s entertainment magazine for a record 14 times, her acceptance of her sexuality is inspiring and has been for two generations. 

A big heart

On top of being talented, she is an incredibly loving and romantic person. She has fallen in and out of love with five marriages to her name. Her love life has made her a proud mother to her two sons Brandon, and Dylan. 

Anderson’s life continues to be exciting and filled with new moments that will indeed have us obsessed over, and we can’t wait to be there with her while they unravel.

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