KStew shut out, dueling Arethas and more surprises from the SAG Award noms

The 2022 awards season mayhem continues.
January 12, 2022 1:44 p.m. EST
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They love Lucy but the disrespect for Diana just doesn’t compute. Yes, the list of Screen Actors Guild nominations was released this morning and it feels like there are more surprises than usual—both in terms of who was nominated and who was not.

With our heads already spinning following the recent Golden Globes non-event, we’d hoped the SAG Awards would light a clear path to the Oscars. Instead, we got a House of Gucci nom for Jared Leto (whose whole job in the film was endure a pile of prosthetic makeup and some bad but expensive wardrobe) and a nod for Bradley Cooper, who supported the cast of Licorice Pizza for approximately seven minutes of screen time. It’s as though the guild didn’t even see Nightmare Alley. (But they definitely did, since Cate Blanchett was nominated, which is correct.)

As a film, House of Gucci received three nominations: one for Leto, another for Lady Gaga,and a third for the cast as an ensemble. We’re not saying that Gucci isn’t a fun film (it’s worth watching for the clothes and bags and villas alone), just that it's a film that relies heavily on elements other than straight-up powerhouse acting.

And then there’s Being the Ricardos. While Nicole Kidman’s Golden Globe win might have predicted that she’d be nominated here, it was certainly unexpected to see Javier Bardem nominated for Best Actor, in the company of Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch, whose roles in their respective films have been gathering big awards buzz for months. Clearly, we’ve underestimated the nostalgic pull of I Love Lucy.

Some of the snubs we can’t get over? Nicholas Hoult for The Great. Jamie Dornan for Belfast. Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (ahem, recent Golden Globe winner) and Billy Porter for Pose. The megawatt casts of The Harder They Fall and Dune. And [insert a sincere and horrified pearl-clutching gasp here] Kristen Stewart, who was brilliant as Princess Diana in Pablo Larrain’s poem of a film, Spencer. No Stewart in Spencer, but Gaga in Gucci? Chaos.

In a year where many of us have had a LOT of time to stare at a screen, there are some nominations that will likely please the majority: Olivia Colman is up for Best Actress for The Lost Daughter, both Jean Smart and Kate Winslet have noms for Mare of Easttown, the casts of Squid Game and Succession will battle it out in the Best Drama Ensemble category, and, in a delightful coincidence, both Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo are nominated for playing icon Aretha Franklin—Hudson for Respect and Erivo for the limited series, Genius: Aretha.

The SAG Awards take air Sunday, February 27 on TNT and TBS. For the full list of nominees, head here.

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